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Susan Casey

Susan Casey

Susan Casey, formerly an Outside creative director and editor-in-chief of O, the Oprah Magazine, is the author of three books: The Devil’s Teeth, The Wave, and Voices in the Ocean. She lives in New York.


The Highly Effective Madness of Wim Hof

Wim Hof's teachings about breath work and the health benefits of cold plunges have attracted millions of followers who swear it has cured everything from depression to diabetes and makes them happier and stronger. Our writer traveled to Iceland (naturally) for a deep dive with the man and his methods.

Susan Casey
Oct 12, 2020

One Man's Wild Quest to Reach the Bottom of Every Ocean

Multimillionaire Victor Vescovo committed himself to one of the world’s craziest remaining adventure quests: to reach the deepest points in every ocean. What does it take to get there? A radically high-tech, $30 million Triton submersible, a team of crack engineers and scientists, and one very gonzo explorer.

Susan Casey
Oct 22, 2019

Bethany Hamilton Is Unstoppable

The surfer lost her arm to a shark 15 years ago. If you think that’s slowed her down, you don’t know her story.

Susan Casey
Aug 23, 2018

Why Quitters Sometimes Win

The world likes to tell us what we can’t do. For Kimi Werner—spearfisher, freediver, shark whisperer, chef, artist, and entrepreneur—the key to a badass life was learning to listen to a different voice: her own.

Susan Casey
Sep 15, 2017

Why Shark Culls Are a Terrible Idea

Over the past six years, there have been 20 shark attacks around Reunion Island. The deaths have inspired some surfers—most famously and recently Kelly Slater—to advocate for a cull. Susan Casey argues why that's a terrible, immoral, and totally ineffective way to deal with the problem.

Susan Casey
Mar 3, 2017

Kai Lenny Walks on Water

Or so it seems. The 24-year-old from Hawaii is a multiple-time world champion of stand-up paddling, a dominant wind- and kitesurfer, and one of the most fearless big-wave riders on the planet. His combination of talents would seem impossible if he didn’t make it all look so easy.

Susan Casey
Feb 15, 2017

Till Boredom Do Us Part: The Outside Guide to Love in 4 Chapters

How to find a partner who shares your passion for living bravely, build a relationship fueled by adventure, and keep happiness alive through kids, career changes, and really bad wipeouts

Luke Dittrich, Steven Rinella, Susan Casey, and W. Hodding Carter
Nov 7, 2016