Jay Bouchard

Jay Bouchard

Jay Bouchard is an online editor at 5280 and a former Outside fellow.


Nepalese Court Strikes Down Everest FKT

After years of controversy, Nepal's Supreme Court has ruled that Pemba Dorje Sherpa's climb was unverifiable, returning the record to its previous holder.

Jay Bouchard
Dec 6, 2017

An 82-Year-Old Broke the Appalachian Trail Age Record

After hiking for more than seven months, 82-year-old Dale Sanders completed the Appalachian Trail on Thursday, October 26, officially becoming the oldest person to finish the 2,190-mile trek.

Jay Bouchard
Oct 26, 2017

The Best Running Tips of All Time

We've been doling out running advice for 40 years, and we think most of it is pretty good. But we've assembled the ultimate list of the 27 best tips, tricks, and ideas we've ever shared. Say hello to...

Jay Bouchard
Sep 13, 2017

How to Ford a River

Advice from a longtime NOLS instructor on when and how to cross a river, without drowning.

Jay Bouchard
Aug 1, 2017