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Bump up your cooking game at home and at camp. 

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(Peg and Awl)

Peg and Awl Cutting and Serving Board

Guaranteed Pleaser

The rugged charm of the Peg and Awl Cutting and Serving board comes from its reclaimed wood and aged-steel boat cleats. Those same materials also make it the most durable item in your cupboard.

Price $100

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(Helen Levi)

Helen Levi Beach Series Giant Mug

Helen Levi marbles three different clays in her Beach Series ­Giant mug to give it a signature look. The 20-ounce capacity matches a coffee-shop large.

Price $68

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(Charlito Cocina)

Charlito Cocina Trufa Seca Sausage

Pasture-raised pork and sea salt make up the bulk of Charlito ­Cocina’s delicious, dry-cured Trufa Seca ­sausage. Black truffle adds a hint of funk.

Price $37

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(Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese)

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese Barren County Bleu

Pungent scent aside, the fudge-like texture of c. Kenny’s ­Farmhouse Cheese Barren County Bleu makes it damn near irresistible.

Price $7.30

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Doma's Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Spiked java is a cold-weather pleasure—just not in the morning. Doma’s Whiskey Barrel Aged coffee will tide you over ­until happy hour.

Price $25

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(Black Creek Mercantile and Tradi)

Black Creek Mercantile and Trading Co. Kitchen Spoon

Shaped from a single piece of maple, the Black Creek Mercantile and Trading Co. Kitchen spoon classes up soup or salad.

Price $120

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(Chef Inspired)

Chef Inspired Spiceologist Block

The Chef Inspired ­Spiceologist Block, with 22 spices in lab-style test tubes, had us experimenting with bolder recipes. 

Price $160

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(Rhode Island Rustic)

Rhode Island Rustic Flour Sack Shibori Dish Towel

Rhode Island Rustic hand-dyes its Flour Sack Shibori dish towel in the classic Japanese style, so each has a unique pattern.

Price $18

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For the Pro Mixologist

Six spirits to do apr├Ęs right.   (Far North Spirits) Far North Spirits’ Gustaf Gin The “navy strength” on the label of Far North Spirits’ Gustaf gin refers to the fact that, back in the day, alcohol was allowed aboard  ships only if it was potent enough that, should it spill on the gunpowder, the gunpowder would still light. The 114 proof of this liquor is tamed nicely by 11 botanicals. Price $45 Buy Now (Tequila ArtNOM) Tequila ArteNOM Seleccion de 1549 Blanco Organico Unaged liquor can be overpowering. Not so the pleasantly complex Tequila ArteNOM Seleccion de 1549 Blanco Organico. The agave sweetness comes through, along with a

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