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The Only Things You Need to Read, Watch, and Do This Week: November 21

The books, movies, music, podcasts, and other media on our radar

Out this week: a trailer for a new documentary about Timothy Olson's second Hardrock attempt. (Denver Post via Getty Images)
Photo: Denver Post via Getty Images Timothy Olson

The books, movies, music, podcasts, and other media on our radar

We'll be taking the day off this time next week and you should be, too. Here's what to check out when you're not out hiking, running, or skiing. 


National Outdoor Book Award Winners, 12-Words-or-Less Edition

The 2016 National Outdoor Book Award winners were announced on Thursday. Here are the best adds for your ever-expanding reading list.

  • Fast Into the Night by Debbie Clarke Moderow (Winner, Outdoor Literature): Writer takes on Iditarod at 47 with fiercely loyal dogs (Exhibit A).
  • A Sea of Glass by Drew Harvell (Winner, Natural History Literature): Searching for real-life versions of glass critters (and obvious fragility metaphors).
  • The Ghosts of K2 by Mick Conefrey (Winner, History/Biography): Early attempts to climb a very harsh, weird mountain—plus, occultists!

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Watch Later: Hardrock 100 Edition

The documentary gods have gifted us not one but two films about the 101.7-mile trail of suffering and fun (depending on whom you ask). 

‘The Unknown’

Ultra hero Timothy Olson seeks personal redemption in his second year at Hardrock after the first year didn't go his way. Did his preparation pay off? We'll refrain from the obvious “unknown” joke. Find out in January 2017.

‘The Women of Hardrock’

Coming soon from Run Steep Get High, a movie that focuses on exactly what the title says. And we can't wait—any excuse to get inside the heads of the fierce women who return to Hardrock year after year.

Watch Now

(Predrag Vuckovic/iStock)

Trailers are fun, but you didn't think we'd leave you hanging like that, did you? Here, we dug up the 10 most underrated, full-length adventure movies on Netflix. 

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Longread from 'Outside'

How a Ragtag Crew of Almost Journalists Created Running's Most Controversial Website
(Daniel Cronin)

Cheaters beware. The community of amateur sleuths at are watching—even when nobody else really cares to. 

Delmott, whose father had worked as a detective, was suspicious and started a thread on the message board of the website His provocative post was titled “Robert Young fakes run across America.” 

Immediately, the LetsRun forums ­erupted. “Hindsight says you should have had a witness and a low-light camera,” wrote a user under the name “I was driven across America,” adding: “Why didn’t you talk to the RV crew to document it was his van?” Heavyd84 posted: “Good investigative work! Now all of us living in states he hasn’t run through yet need to go out and get more evidence. Letsrun unite!” 

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