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This Canon Is the Best Action-Sports Camera Ever Made

The 1DX Mark II is a pro-caliber workhorse with several upgrades that make nailing the perfect action shot much easier

This camera is so good you might be willing to pay $6,000 for it. (Photo: Nick Kelley)

Most people don’t need the $6,000 Canon 1DX Mark II. So why are we reviewing it? Because it’s the best sports camera ever made. If you’ve ever dreamed of shooting skiing, mountain biking, or any other fast-action outdoor sports, either for a hobby or a living, start saving pennies now.

The standout feature of the 1DX Mark II is its machine gun–like, class-leading 14 frames per second (fps). In the field, 14 fps means you will capture every moment and have several good frames to choose from.

Working behind all those images is a 20.2-megapixel full-frame sensor big enough to produce billboard-sized photos. Other nice features: the ability to shoot crisp 4K video at 60 fps; a large, robust body that’s easy to hold; and a battery that lasts through multiple days of intense shooting (or well over 1,000 images).

The autofocus allows you to follow and shoot quick-moving subjects without stopping to refocus. (Photo: Nick Kelley)

The camera also includes a world-class autofocus system with 61 focus points to help you lock onto a moving subject, ensuring your pictures are tack sharp. I tested the camera earlier this fall while shooting a falconer in Wyoming and was consistently amazed at the focus tracking as I panned the fast birds. After focusing on the animal, I was able to follow it and shoot dozens of frames without ever having to refocus.

The 1DX Mark II has respectable, if not crazy impressive, low-light sensitivity, with an ISO range to 51,200. And the files aren’t huge, like those of some of the other cameras we’ve reviewed.

But that’s fine. This camera isn’t designed to shoot night skies. It’s designed to capture fast-paced action.

For a little extra proof of why this camera is the best in the industry, watch your NFL games carefully this weekend. You’ll see lots of pro photographers along the sidelines using the 1DX Mark II to shoot the images that will appear next week on the front pages of your favorite sports magazines.

Finally, if you’re interested in this camera but don’t want to shell out $6,000 immediately, think about renting one first from a place like

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Lead Photo: Nick Kelley
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