The New School of Tailgating

Start smoking the pork before the lifts close to ensure a thorough cook. (Dustin Sammann)
Photo: Dustin Sammann tailgating

What works well before the big game works even better after a day of skiing.

Yeti Brick Bottle Opener ($50)


This stainless-steel top popper weighs nearly a pound, making quick work of flimsy caps.

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Alite Meadow Waterproof Blanket ($60)


Unfurl this handy waterproof mat for a dry platform to change out of your ski boots. The bright pat­tern adds a touch of flare.

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Big Agnes Helinox Beach Chair ($150)

big agnes
(Big Agnes)

Yes, a beach chair in winter. The extra back height makes this seat significantly more comfortable than the cargo area of your Subaru.

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Cornhole Worldwide Stained Striped Hardwood ($200)

(Cornhole Worldwide)

Cornhole is our favorite parking lot game: one hand tosses while the other holds the beer. This attractive set is ideal for winter, thanks to the hardy stained and sealed wood.

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Pelican 50 QT Elite Cooler ($350)


Pelican made its name constructing bombproof cases for high-end cameras. It had no problem expanding into indestructible ice chests that keep beer Arctic cold while happily bouncing around in the back of your truck.

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Traeger Tailgater Grill ($450) 


Small proportions aside, this puppy has plenty of room for 12 hamburgers or a few racks of ribs. A thermostat keeps the temperature even for baking or smoking, and the arms fold down for the ride to and from the hill.

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Heritage Foods USA Boston Pork Butt ($116)

Start smoking this purebred Berkshire pork before the lifts close to ensure a thorough cook. Its exceptional fat and juiciness mean you’ll win apr├Ęs every time.

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