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The Most Instagrammed National Parks of 2016

If posting to your feed is an act of love, these parks had the most adored vistas of the year

Filter or no, shots of these parks are the highlights of the feed. (Photo: Jesse Brack/Unsplash)

If you go to a park and don't post photos for everyone to see, were you ever there at all? Yes. But we were still curious to see which ones got the most Instagram love this year. Presenting the national parks that racked up the most geotags in 2016.

12. Yellowstone National Park

11. White Sands Monument National Park

10. Grand Canyon

9. Acadia National Park

8. Zion National Park

7. Denali National Park and Preserve

6. Bryce Canyon National Park

5. Great Smoky Mountains National Park 

4. Grand Teton National Park 

3. Arches National Park 

2. Glacier National Park 

1. Rocky Mountain National Park 

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Lead Photo: Jesse Brack/Unsplash
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