Rungu Electric Juggernaut

The ultimate winter toy for big kids

The Rungu Electric Juggernaut is the ultimate winter toy for big kids. (Dustin Sammann)
rungu electric juggernaut

Peter Godlewski, inventor of the Rungu Electric Juggernaut ($3,299), has gotten used to the befuddled grins he gets from other riders when he rolls up on his ridiculous-looking e-trike, with its massive—dare we say goofy?—4.8-inch front tires. “This is not a bicycle,” he tells them. “This is an ATV.”

Our testing backs that up. Designed for rumbling over sand and snow, the 90-pound beast had us charging up steep hills like we were red-lining a monster truck. Cruis­ing fire roads full of rocks and pumice in Mammoth Lakes, Califor­nia, was pure fun. Those double fatties up front offer a trifecta of performance advantages, providing float on gravel and in powdery glades, making crashing almost impossible, and enabling enormous GS turns on Mammoth’s Main Street. On dry pavement, leaning into a 90-degree turn meant flying one front wheel off the ground.

We also had a blast cruising the boulevards of Los Angeles, where the 2,100-watt pedal-assist motor let us cruise at up to 28 miles per hour, making it easier to stay abreast of traffic. Ridiculous? Yes. Ridiculously entertaining? Hell yes. 

From Outside Magazine, January/February 2017
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Lead Photo: Dustin Sammann
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