The Outside Interview Feb 21, 2017

Florence Williams on the Nature Fix

Science proves that unplugging from technology and escaping from modern chaos, into nature, has a significant impact on human happiness. (Photo: Marija Savic/Stocksy)

What’s the cure for our modern malaise of stress, distraction, and screen addiction? Nature, of course. But while many people advocate the benefits of getting outside, we are only just beginning to understand what really happens to us when we venture out the door. For her new book, The Nature Fix, Outside contributing editor Florence Williams expands on a 2012 feature she wrote about Japanese forest bathing, delving deep into the fascinating science behind the restorative power of wild places. Outside editor Christopher Keyes talks with Williams about the research being done around the world to investigate how spending more time in nature can make us healthier, happier, and even more creative.

Florence Williams on the Nature Fix Podcast