Mercedes G650 Landaulet

No, Landaulet is not German for 'land yacht'—it's a type of body style similar to a limousine, except with a convertible rear passenger area. Usually used for formal processions by public figures. (Courtesy of Daimler AG)
Photo: Courtesy of Daimler AG luxury

The Mercedes G650 Laudaulet ($TBD) comes with locking front, center, and rear differentials (for unparalleled traction), nearly 18 inches of ground clearance, and a monster 630-horsepower twin turbo V12 engine, making it an off-road champ. But since this is Mercedes, it's also full of over-the-top luxury amenities like rear leather seats that fold down nearly flat and have massage units built in. There are also heated and cooled drink holders, and the back half of the roof automatically folds back for open-air four-wheeling.

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