Carly Graf

Carly Graf

Carly Graf is an assistant editor at Outside. Follow her adventuring at @carlsbarkelyy7.


What Karl Meltzer Eats Before an Ultra

We spoke to Meltzer about what he eats in the days and hours leading up to the gunshot that sends runners flying into an hours-long sufferfest.

Carly Graf
Jul 5, 2018

The Foods You Should Be Eating at Every Age

As you age, it's natural to feel a slowdown—maybe you're no longer the first one up the skin track, your mile splits slow, and your lungs bust a little earlier on uphill mountain bike climbs.

Carly Graf
Jun 28, 2018

Former Inntopia Executive Sued for Sexual Harassment

A lawsuit filed on May 15 in a Vermont state court claims that Craig DeLuca committed acts of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and false imprisonment against Alison Miley, a resident of Stowe,...

Carly Graf
May 16, 2018

26 Tips for Healthy Eating

To simplify your healthy eating efforts, we've collected our 26 most critical tips, insights, and musings on how to feed your body what it needs to excel.

Carly Graf
Nov 16, 2017

Our Greatest Marathon Training Advice

We've put together a cheat sheet filled with our best recs to help you crush your next marathon, whether that means crossing the finish line for the first time or clocking a PR.

Carly Graf
Nov 13, 2017