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The 15 Best Gifts for Dad

SUPs, souped-up bikes, sunglasses, and other things your dad will love

Dads intiate us into the outdoors. Now is our time to give back. (Photo: Photo: Courtesy of Giuseppe Milo/Flickr)
father's day

Many of us owe our passion for adventure and the outdoors to our fathers. This Father's Day, what better way to celebrate dad's role in stoking that fire than to fuel his own? The following curated gifts—everything from wooden sunglasses and inflatable SUPs to a minimalist's fly-fishing kit and an electric motorcycle—will do just that.

Motoped Cruzer

The Motoped Cruzer only goes 24 mph, but its appearance is enough to turn heads. (Photo: Courtesy of Motoped)

I’m not exactly a handy guy. Though I compulsively read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert M. Pirsig’s 1974 existential juggernaut about working through life’s philosophical con-undrums while tending to the ailments of an old bike, my fascination never translated into practical knowledge. I can’t even change the oil, let alone replace a carburetor. But the mere sight of an engine triggers some primal urge to pick up a wrench and tinker with it. 

That’s rarely a good idea, unless we’re talking about the Motoped Cruzer. Designed to replicate classic motorcycles from the early 20th century, the Cruzer combines a mountain-bike frame with a 49cc engine and adds retro details like wood fenders and a leather saddle. The best part: you can assemble it yourself in a long weekend. (You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver, a metric socket set, Allen wrenches, a hacksaw, and a small favor from a buddy with a steering-headset press.)

The results may look like something out of Mad Max, but this bike is built for beach missions. The Cruzer’s tank holds 1.3 gallons, enough to travel 150 miles, and it tops out at 24 miles per hour. Best of all, you don’t have to use the engine; you can rip up and down your favorite coastal roads looking for the perfect beach break, then cut the motor and pedal the bike right onto the sand.

From $3,249,

Hydro Flask True Pint

The Hydro Flask True Pint is vacuum-insulated to keep beer cold to the last drop. (Photo: Courtesy of Hydro Flask)

No Father’s Day celebration is complete without a tall, cool frosty beverage, which is why the Hydro Flask True Pint is the perfect gift for that thirsty man in your life.

This specially engineered, vacuum-insulated glass keeps a layer of air between the hand holding the glass and what's inside, helping ensure beer stays cold to the last drop. A stainless steel interior washes clean after use so that your beverage won't be affected by the taste of drinks past. Hydro Flask also engineered the lip of the True Pint to resemble the edge and feel of a traditional English pint glass.

The Hydro Flask True Pint, at less than $25, is so cheap that you should get two: one for your father and one for you to raise a glass together. 


Lululemon MWB Jacket

Water- and wind-resistant, and with a debonair look, the Lululemon MWB Jacket is perfect for dressing up dad. (Photo: Courtesy of Lululemon)

Lululemon, the company that practically invented the woman's yoga pant, has since learned a thing or two about menswear. Take the MWB jacket, one of our favorite commuter, do-it-all jackets. Blending business-casual style with moisture-wicking, rain-shedding properties, it will help dad look good on the go without the need to change when he gets there. 

It’s made out of Lululemon’s trademarked Warpstreame fabric, which means it's lightweight, durable, and water-resistant for rainy-day commutes. It even has zippered vents in the back that dump heat in a hurry.

The Lululemon MWB Jacket has its business in the front with three buttons, pockets, and a straight collar, which add a nice touch of style for either that Sunday brunch or client presentation. 


Sea to Summit X-Set 31

sea to summit
The Sea to Summit X-Set 31 features the first collapsible cooking pots. (Photo: Courtesy of Sea to Summit)

If your dad is a guy who actually enjoys firing up a family meal after a long hike, check out Sea to Summit's five-piece stackable cooking set. 

The X-Set 31 pots are built from hard-anodized aluminum bases that can withstand camp-stove flames as well as a good beating up and down the mountain, and a flexible silicone upper that saves space. Collapse them after the meal's finished and nest them with other X Series cookware. 

The Sea to Summit X-Set 31 comes with a 2.8-liter pot, two bowls, and two mugs.


Miir Payette Commuter Bike

Miir donates a bike to someone in need with every Payette sold. (Photo: Courtesy of Miir)

Believe it or not, your father was once a child. To spark his memories of those days, splurge on the Miir Payette.

This elegant singlespeed bike comes in four sizes, with a flip-flop hub which allows the rider the option of riding fixed or free. It also comes standard with 35-spoke wheels, 25mm tires, and a supple steel frame.

The best part? For every bike Miir sells, the company donates another to a person in need either in the U.S. or Africa. 


Flowfold Traveler

Made from the same fabric as high-end racing sails, the Flowfold Traveler is lightweight with a slim silhouette. (Photo: Courtesy of Flowfold)

One of the strongest wallets on the market, the Flowfold Traveler Wallet, also happens to be one of the lightest.

The trifold Traveler Wallet is made from the same material that goes into high-end racing sails: Kevlar fiber. Empty, it weighs 1.1 ounces, but it's roomy enough to hold the essentials with six pockets for credit cards, one transparent slot for ID, and a large pocket for cash. Need more space? It also has five additional pockets, three of which are hidden. It’s so light it floats—a double bonus for those who spend time a lot of time on the water.

With the Flowfold Traveler Wallet, dad's rear pocket will thank you.


Urchin Sky Kniper

The Urchin Sky Kniper is a throwing knife and multitool made from steel. (Photo: Courtesy of Urchin Sky)

Help dad let off steam every once in a while with the Urchin Sky Kniper—a 13-inch throwing knife that can also be used as a multitool.

The Kniper is good for chucking, sure. But beyond that, nearly every surface and edge of the high-carbon stainless steel blade and handle can be used for something. All told, there are 22 tools—from a Phillips-head screwdriver to a saw to a wire stripper. It even comes with a sundial printed on the outside of a universal hexhole.

If dad doesn’t like it, then ask him to give it to you. 


Skullcandy Grind Headphones

The Skullcandy Grind offer premium sound while allowing dad to take calls with the touch of a button. (Photo: Courtesy of Skullcandy)

Good news: For $60 you can treat that audiophile father in your life with the Skullcandy Grind headphones.

Besides delivering quality sound, the headphones are built to fit well thanks to plush foam earpads and lightweight headband. And unlike many headphones with their jumbled and frayed cords, these have a detachable cable for easy storage. The Skullcandy Grind headphones also have an on-ear button that lets the wearer take calls or cycle through music. 


Tucker & Bloom North to South Messenger

The Tucker & Bloom North to South Messenger Bag is handmade from waxed canvas in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo: Courtesy of Tucker & Bloom)

In the none-too-distant past, China was the defacto home of manufacturing. Not any longer. More and more companies are choosing to make their products in the U.S., and that includes the Tucker & Bloom North to South Messenger Bag

The North to South Messenger Bag features an outer layer of waxed, water-resistant canvas. It'll protect electronics during inclement weather and, with a 13.5-inch opening, it's big enough to hold most laptops, along with a smartphone, batteries, and cords in its specially designed side pocket. A removable cross strap comes in handy when biking to work, and leather trim dresses up this otherwise casual bag for office or weekend use.

But the best thing? The Tucker & Bloom North to South Messenger bag was designed and made by the father and son team of Case and David Bloom, who started the company together and continue to work shoulder to shoulder in their Nashville factory. The pair guarantees their bags for life.


Tenkara USA Sato Kit

The Tenkara USA Sato Kit contains everything you need to catch fish in a small, ultralight package. (Photo: Courtesy of Tenkara USA)

Short on space? Try the Tenkara USA Sato Kit, which ditches the traditional fly reel to cut down on clutter.  

For under $300, the minimalist kit comes with one Sato triple-zoom rod that collapses down to 22 inches, but can expand in three lengths, depending on the size of the stream your dad wants to fish. It also contains a keeper with 15 feet of line, a tippet, three flies, forceps, and nippers—everything he needs for a few hours on the river.

Along with its compact size, the Tenkaro USA Sato Kit is also lightweight, with the rod weighing 2.6 ounces.


Filson Leather Notebook Cover and Notebook

With an oil-finished leather and weather-resistant paper, the Filson Leather Notebook Cover and Notebook protects dad's deep thoughts. (Photo: Courtesy of Filson)

In this Digital Age of ours, the concept of sitting down with a pen in hand to write on real paper (gasp!) may seem silly and old fashioned. But people who think that way likely don't have a Filson Leather Notebook Cover and Notebook to scribble their thoughts in.

This elegant, leather-bound notebook with an oil finish measures 9-by-11 inches and is filled with all-weather Rite in the Rain waterproof paper

It comes in three colors (cognac, dark brown, and natural), and has a pen-holder tab as well as two slot pockets inside to hold lose paper or photos. Get one of these for your dad and you might get something special in return. Like the next great American novel.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Roasters' Nitro Cold Brew Coffee cans coffee infused with nitrogen for a refreshing drink no matter the distance from your nearest barista. (Photo: Courtesy of Stumptown Coffee Roa)

Dad doesn’t have to be a coffee snob to get a buzz from Stumptown Coffee Roasters Nitro Cold Brew coffee. Wrapped in an aluminum can, this thing looks more like a beer than a delicious caffeine-delivery device. 

But there’s a reason for the pop-top can. The Portland, Oregon-based Stumptown Coffee Roasters have cold brewed 11 ounces of black-and-tan goodness for 12 hours and then injected the mixture with nitrogen. That infusion creates a foam similar to that of a Guiness beer when you pour the creamy, smooth coffee into a glass. 

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Nitro Cold Brew coffee is tasty enough to prove that a good cup of coffee can come from a can. 


Reactor Titan Watch

The Reactor Titan wristwatch is durable enough to be shot with a .22. (Photo: Courtesy of Titan)

The Reactor Titan watch is the Fort Knox of timepieces. 

Its core is fashioned out of 316L-gauge stainless steel, while a polymer shell coats the analog watch’s exterior. The face is made with Reactor’s Never Dark technology, which combines a Swiss material known as Superluminova with tritium to glow in the dark. It also comes in three colors, including black, orange, and flat-dark earth.

The goal: Reactor wanted to make a watch that could withstand being shot at with a .22 or the jaws of a 300-pound bull shark. With the Titan, they succeeded. 


Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood features one of three different types of wood across the bridge. (Photo: Courtesy of Ray-Ban)

Your dad probably watched Miami Vice back in the 1980s. If so, get him a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood sunglasses, which will have him looking and feeling like Sonny Crockett.  

A variant of Ray-Ban’s long-running Clubmaster collection, they get their name from the wood that's used in the glasses' bridge. Choose from walnut, maple, or cherry.

The bridge on the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood sunglasses is treated and lined to protect them from surf and sand. Dad's optometrist can even switch the lenses for his prescription for use indoor and out.


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