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Dispatches Apr 4, 2017

XX Factor: Beth Rodden Unpacked

Beth Rodden, a female rock climbing legend, opens up about a terrifying kidnapping, broken marriage, and her struggle with perfectionism. (Annie Tritt)

In the 1990s, Beth Rodden was a climbing prodigy, celebrated for her athletic gifts and unwavering discipline. Then, while on an expedition in Central Asia in 2000, she and her small team of friends were kidnapped. That terrifying ordeal—and their daring escape—changed her life in ways she has only recently begun to understand. In a revealing conversation with Outside contributing editor Florence Williams, Rodden opens up about the price of perfectionism, blowing up her marriage to climbing superstar Tommy Caldwell, and moving forward as an athlete and new mother. 

XX Factor: Beth Rodden Unpacked Podcast