Shawnté Salabert

Shawnté Salabert

Shawnté Salabert (@shawntesalabert) is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer who writes about the intersections of land and people. Her work has appeared in Outside, Alpinist, Backpacker, Adventure Journal, Modern Hiker, REI Co-op Journal, and Land+People, among other fine outlets. Her book Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail: Southern California is available via Mountaineers Books. 


The Contemporary Adventure Canon

What does it mean to be a well-read outdoorsperson in 2019? We have 54 new ideas. Yes, we still love Cheryl Strayed and John McPhee, but here's an updated class of noteworthy additions.

Shawnté Salabert
Jun 15, 2019

What We Can Learn from the Camber Outdoors Fiasco

The organization’s equity pledge ignored the work of Teresa Baker and many others striving to make the outdoor industry more inclusive. So we asked a dozen of them how to move forward.

Shawnté Salabert
Mar 8, 2019

A Polar Explorer Fact-Checks ‘Arctic’

‘Arctic’ is a gripping watch, but given Hollywood’s history of botched survival films, we wondered just how closely Overgard’s experience matches reality.

Shawnté Salabert
Jan 30, 2019

The Real Survival Story Behind 'Adrift'

On October 12, 1983, Tami Oldham Ashcraft and her fiancé, Richard Sharp, found themselves in the path of Hurricane Raymond as they sailed a 44-foot yacht across the Pacific Ocean.

Shawnté Salabert
Jun 7, 2018

Welcome to #BlackVanLife

If you search for #vanlife online, the results will tumble forth in a somewhat predictable parade of aspirational imagery: back-door sunsets, Pendleton-wrapped morning coffees, gently worn prayer...

Shawnté Salabert
Dec 22, 2017

Ten Women Leading the Outdoor Industry

At the recent Women's Outdoor Summit for Empowerment, we talked to outdoor enthusiasts and change-makers about the future of the industry.

Shawnté Salabert
Jul 11, 2017