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Our Top Four Picks from the 5Point Film Festival

Some of the greatest videography from the tenth-annual Carbondale event

(Forest Woodward/Gnarly Bay)
Photo: Forest Woodward/Gnarly Bay arizona

Some of the greatest videography from the tenth-annual Carbondale event

For the last ten years, 5Point Film Festival has been inspiring the outdoor community with adventure film screenings in Carbondale, Colorado. The festival draws international filmmakers and global talent, but it also gives shout-outs to hometown heroes. We spent last weekend in Carbondale watching films and meeting some of the filmmakers. Here’s the best of what we saw.

'The Time Travelers'

Best Triumph-in-Tribulation

When Chaco, NRS, Forest Woodward, Gnarly Bay Productions, and Brendan Leonard all get together, it's magic. The Time Travelers tells the story of the U.S Men’s Rafting team's attempt to set a new speed record rafting the Grand Canyon. The whole team descended on Carbondale to celebrate the film and show off their custom-built raft. During a panel, Chaco Brand Manager Josh Weichhand shed some light on the project's inception. They wanted to make an impactful film, as well as honor their roots as makers of water shoes.

'Poverty of Perception'

The One That Moved Us

On Sunday, the festival took a new direction with its film program "Changemakers". The focus of this afternoon's selection of films was inspiring stories that make a difference covering topics such as conservation, humility, and positive impact. Poverty of Perception is a story from director Stephan Hunt about Aleksandra Ørbeck-Nilsen, a former model turned advocate for the San Tribe in Namibia. The film follows her as she learns about the San tribe's experience and their fight for cultural existence. 

'Dreamride 2'

Most Mind Blowing Footage

Combine cinematic excellence with the jaw-dropping riding of Mike Hopkins and you get Dreamride 2. Director, rider, and jack-of-all-trades, Mike Hopkins treated the audience to a spirited Q&A on Saturday night with emcee Wade Newsom, promising that they are currently sitting on a ton of footage that'll be released in the near future. In search of a diverse ecosystem, Hopkins and the team at Diamondback took off to Hawaii. They filmed landscapes filled with volcanoes, lush rainforests, and stunning beaches. This second iteration of the Dreamride series sets the bar for cinematic adventures.   


Best Blast From The Past

What more can be said about Denali? The story of Ben Moon and his dog Denali, first released in 2015, has made us cry on more occasions than we'd care to admit. Screened during 5Point's "Best of Ten Years" program, Denali is a timeless film that continues to deliver. Give your pup an extra scratch under the ears tonight. 

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