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Colette Harris

Colette Harris


The 100 Best Companies

Some companies go beyond kegerators and ping-pong—from unlimited vacation time to powder days, these are the places that know how to treat their employees

Will Ford and Colette Harris
Nov 7, 2017

An Honest Guide to Sports Gels

Outside staffers share their thoughts, feelings, and angry mid-workout musings on the endurance sports world's favorite fuel

Colette Harris
Oct 6, 2017

5 Women Scientists You Should Know

Some explored the unknown, some made scientific breakthroughs, some are working to save the world. All are pioneers whose names should be more well-recognized.

Colette Harris
Aug 14, 2017

How to Meal Prep Like an Elite Athlete

During intense training, it's easy to let good nutrition fall to the wayside, but it's also the most important time to get fueling right. Here's how to do it.

Colette Harris
Aug 10, 2017

Wherein the Waffle Goes High-Performance

These Euro-style waffles are the hot new performance fuel, so we put a bunch of flavors to the test to figure out how they stack up to the real thing

Colette Harris
Aug 4, 2017

How to Stay Warm

The number-one most basic, most important camping skill

Colette Harris
Aug 1, 2017

The One Camp Recipe You Should Know

Pro chef and cookbook author Nikki Fotheringham on the number one recipe you should have in your arsenal, plus other camp tips

Colette Harris
Aug 1, 2017

What It Takes to Climb Everest with No Oxygen

Cory Richards and Adrian Ballinger summited the highest mountain in the world last month—Ballinger without supplemental oxygen. Here's how they trained their minds and bodies to accomplish one of mountaineering's most difficult feats.

Colette Harris
Jun 8, 2017