Effortlessly cool accessories for a day on the water. 

Raen Wiley Rectangular Sunglasses (Courtesy Raen)

Raen Wiley Sunglasses ($135)

A classic wide silhouette with 100 percent UV protection means you won’t be blinded during a late-afternoon surf check.

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Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax (Courtesy Mr. Zog’s)

Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax ($2)

Funny name. But good, sticky results.

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FCS Premium Leash (Courtesy FCS)

FCS Premium Leash ($27)

Surfing at a warm beach sans leash is one of summer’s great pleasures. But if you must tether your stick to your leg, FCS’s seven-millimeter Premium is great for everyday use. It features a swiveling joint near the ankle strap for freedom of movement and a small wax comb near the base.

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Mayde Jervis Towel (Courtesy Mayde)

Mayde Jervis Towel ($52)

Frilly ends aside, we love the Jervis for its preeminent softness. Constructed in Turkey from a cotton-bamboo blend, this towel even has a little Velcro pocket for stashing keys and beer money while you’re on the water.

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Freestyle Shark Classic Tide Watch (Courtesy Freestyle)

Freestyle Shark Classic Tide Watch ($100)

The Shark glows in the dark, includes tide information from 150 beaches around the world, and is waterproof to 100 ­meters. More important, it’ll let you answer the most common question in the lineup: “What time is it?”

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Locals Reggae Flip-Flops (Courtesy Locals)

Locals Reggae Flip-Flops ($18)

There are burlier, cushier, and more expensive flip-flops, but these get the job done when you’re heading to the shore and want footwear you can toss under a bush without fretting that someone may pinch them.

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Brixton Barge Stripe Boardshorts (Courtesy Brixton)

Brixton Barge Stripe Boardshorts $59

Rule one: look good. Check. Rule two: feel good. Check, courtesy of a hint of stretch and a lie-flat, no-irritation fly. 

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Dakine Cyclone II Dry Pack (Courtesy Dakine)

Dakine Cyclone II Dry Pack ($150)

The Cyclone is a bombproof, rolltop Cordura drybag with well-placed bells and whistles, including external waterproof pockets, internal laptop sleeve, and an integrated board-carrying strap.

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Jungmaven 100 Percent Hemp T-Shirt (Courtesy Jungmaven)

Jungmaven 100 Percent Hemp T-Shirt ($92)

Like your favorite tee, only better and already broken in. American-made from hemp, Jungmaven’s is antimicrobial and will last forever.

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Tecate Original Mexican Lager (Courtesy Tecate)

Tecate ($8 for 6)

You can keep your microbrews. There’s nothing we’d rather have right after a session than a Mexican lager (or three).


The Best Boats of 2017

At some point in the past 20 years, boating got way too serious. Every new model was designed for charging hard in gnarly conditions. Sure, surf kayaks built for aerial maneuvers and creekboats with hulls that plow over waterfalls helped push the sport. But most boaters were left behind. This year we’re giddy to report that the pendulum has swung back to accessibility. Most of the boats we tested had playful designs suitable for intermediate conditions, from Class III whitewater to forgiving beach breaks. Liquidlogic Mullet. (Liquidlogic) Liquidlogic Mullet ($949) The biggest story right now is river play—boats with

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The Best Women's Swimwear of 2017

Suits of all styles for lounging, surfing, and playing.  Roxy Boheme Life Crop Top (Courtesy Roxy) Roxy Boheme Life Crop Top ($48) and Drop Diamond Mini Bottom ($40) We liked the extra coverage of this halter racerback, which stayed on no matter what we put it through. The knit fabric is comfortable and the style is on-trend, whether you’re bodysurfing or chilling in the hot tub. Buy Top Now Buy Bottoms Now Cynthia Rowley Blue China Print Wetsuit (Courtesy Cynthia Rowley) Cynthia Rowley Blue China Print Wetsuit ($295) It can get nippy in the water, even on hot

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The Best Surfboards of 2017

We don’t all surf like John John Florence. Most of us need board shapes that are forgiving—more volume here, less rocker there. But you still want one that won’t bog through turns or pearl on takeoff. To that end, these three models nail the delicate blend of performance and usability.  Channel Islands Mini 5'5" (Courtesy Channel Islands) Channel Islands Mini 5'5" ($805) Hands down, the Channel Islands Mini 5'5" was our favorite of the test. It has the speed and drive of a full-bodied fish combined with the rocker and outline of a performance shortboard. That means it works in

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The Best Stand-Up Paddleboards of 2017

Just add water. And, in some cases, air. Red Paddle Sport 11’3”. (Red Paddle) Red Paddle Sport 11'3" ($1,529) Gear of the Year The paddleboard industry continues to boom, thanks largely to inflatables. Blow-up boards allow those space-challenged adventurers among us to reach places rarely touched by a paddle, and are no longer too floppy or too bulky to be considered unworthy alternatives. Take Red’s 11-foot-3-inch Sport. Lightweight at 22 pounds, it can handle everything from alpine lakes to open-ocean jaunts. Included battens make it amazingly rigid, more so than any other inflatable we’ve tested. And given that the Sport

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The Best Fly-Fishing Tools of 2017

Snag that monster brown you’ve been chasing.  Orvis Battenkill III Disc reel. (Orvis) Orvis Battenkill III Disc Reel ($169) You could blow a mortgage payment on a high-end reel, or you could get the Battenkill. This updated classic has a drag that can haul big rainbows from the Rio Grande. Buy Now Voormi River Run hoodie. (Voormi) Voormi River Run Hoodie ($129) Weather changes fast on the water, so you need versatile apparel. Voormi’s American wool is so breathable, we wore the River Run with the hood up and sleeves down and didn’t roast. Buy Now   Fishpond

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