An Adult’s Guide to Father’s Day Gifts

You might be a disappointment, but the stuff you give your dad doesn’t have to be

A father and son go fishing. (Jorge Quinteros)

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This isn’t a guide to affordable gifts children can buy. There are no JC Penny neck ties and no "Best Dad Ever" coffee mugs. Instead, this is a list of awesome stuff adults can give their outdoorsy dads that they’ll actually appreciate. 

A Good Knife

Made from titanium in America, the new DPx Gear Hostile Environment Survival Tool/Folder is as strong as a knife with a pivot gets. (DPx Gear)

Knives are the cornerstone of being prepared outdoors, and since you use it, touch it, and look at it so often, carrying a nice one just makes sense. 

Robert Young Pelton’s latest folder, the DPx Gear HEST/F Urban Ti, feels nice in your hand, thanks to a unique frame that’s solid titanium. Built in America and built to last a lifetime, the knife is chunky, satisfying to use, and comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee. 

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A Quality Flashlight

The best flashlight you can buy, in the nicest looking finish. The bundle includes the proprietary battery and its charger you'll need to achieve maximum brightness. (FourSevens)

When I needed to say thank you to my girlfriend’s dad a couple of months ago, the way to do that was obvious—with a fancy new flashlight. The FourSevens Mini MkII produces 1,020 lumens in a light that fits on your keychain. So like that knife, this is something your dad will carry with him everywhere and use every day.

Spending up to the copper-bodied Mini MkII results in a light that feels a lot nicer than the standard black aluminum light tube, and the brighter color will be harder for your old man to lose. 

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Nice Outerwear

A cashmere hoody might sound ridiculous, but the ultrasoft wool is also ultralight, and ultrawarm, making this thing very packable and extremely comfortable. (Naadam)

If your dad’s anything like mine, he’s probably still wearing an ancient fleece jacket he bought in the 1990s. Probably because he’s still convinced that was only last decade. Help him out by going to Orvis, typing in “Barbour” and buying him whichever jacket you think suits his style. 

If your dad’s the casual type, look at replacing his old hoody. Ethical cashmere purveyor Naadam makes one that’s impossibly warm for how light and soft it is. 

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Fancy Sunglasses

With double glass lenses made by Zeiss, Aether's sunglasses strongly resist fogging, while providing unparalleled vision. Those perforated fairings work too, keeping wind and glare out of your eyes, while retaining peripheral vision. (Aether)

Once you look through a quality glass lens, you’ll never go back to cheap plastic. Glasses like these Zeiss lens Aether items actually enhance your vision across a variety of light conditions. Here paired with glare/wind shields, and an ultralight titanium frame, they’re a superior technical option, in addition to being classy. I wear them in place of dorky, tech'ed-out options to climb mountains.

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A Better Grill

Powered by wood pellets, Traeger's grills are as easy to use as something running propane, but don't pollute the taste of your food with gas. This new Timberline series syncs up to your phone via WiFi, offering you remote control for long smokes. (Traeger)

Is your dad still using an old Weber, or worse—propane? Give him the gift of tasty meat with a great grill. I love my Big Green Egg for the jets of flame it shoots, the smell of scorched arm hair, and the ultra hot seers it puts on steaks, but Traeger pellet grills achieve similarly delicious results in a package that’s much easier to use and that offers more grill real estate for the price. Their latest model even syncs to your phone over WiFi so you can control long smokes remotely. 

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Music He Can Hear

Housing quality components in a virtually indestructible Pelican case isn't just functional, it outclasses the look of cheaper Bluetooth speakers too. (DemerBox)

Being able to take good music with you outdoors is a relatively recent development, thanks to smartphones and Bluetooth speakers. But most of the stuff out there struggles to be both rugged and to provide decent sound quality. Sound engineer James Demer set out to fix both problems by housing quality components inside a rugged Pelican case. With the subwoofer plug installed, the handmade speaker is totally waterproof, while the sound is said to be as good as a home-stereo system. 

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A Solid Night’s Sleep

Exped's MegaMat brings at-home comfort to the outdoors. (Exped)

Another product that’s received quality of life-improving upgrades in recent years: the sleeping pad. If your dad’s still uses an old self-inflating pad, upgrading him to the latest generation of inflatables is going to blow his mind and save his back. 

The Therm-A-Rest NeoAir All Season is unbelievably comfortable for something that packs so small and light, while the car camping-only Exped Megamat will be more comfortable than your dad’s bed at home. 

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An Upgraded Shotgun

With steel shot quickly becoming de rigueur, your dad may find himself unable to use his old double gun in the field. Weatherby’s new inertia-driven semiautomatic Element faces no such limitations, while giving your dad quick follow-ups on missed birds. Synthetic stocked guns will be practical in the duck blind, but the wood versions will fit in better at upland shoots and at the club. 

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A Warm Shirt

Made from heavyweight merino, this flannel shacket is as durable, versatile, and comfortable as an item of clothing comes. (SmartWool)

Smartwool has upgraded the classic flannel with merino wool, making this shacket much warmer and more durable than your dad’s old cotton items. The buffalo check plaid is a classic look—it’s quickly replaced all my other flannels. 

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A Flight Home

This is what my dad got this year, twice. He’ll appreciate seeing you more than anything you can buy for him. And buying your own ticket home is the ultimate way to show your dad you’ve achieved some small measure of financial independence. 

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