10 Things You Missed This Week: June 19-23

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In all, more than 2,000 bones and fragments belonging to 41 people, including newborns, children, and their families, were unaccounted for in Effigy Mounds National Monument. (Erin Wilson)

At Outside, we publish dozens of stories, videos, and photo essays per week. The result can be overwhelming: Lots of stories and not enough time to read them.
So here's our digest of the reading you should catch up on this week. Our goal’s simple: to collect the most interesting, overlooked, and worth-your-time reads from Outside and our other favorite sources.

What We Wrote

“You know what I applied this morning? Some HTFU cream,” Tucker says. “What’s that?” A grin. “Harden the fuck up.”

Almost all the ancient human remains under the park’s care were inexplicably missing, and no one had a clue where they were.

“If you run downhill and uphill, this is as different as cycling and running, for me.”

“People always ask, ‘I can chip my cat or my dog—why isn’t there something like this for bikes?’” says Bryan Hance, co-founder of Bike Index. “This is what we’ve been waiting for.”

Can doctors design playlists to serve as an adjunct or even an alternative medical treatment?

What We Read

Best "Shrink It and Pink It" Update: “The Women’s Outdoor Market Is Just Starting to Catch Up” [Racked]

Best Idea for Harnessing Human Nature: “How Vanity Could Save the Planet” [The Atlantic]

Most Surprisingly Exciting Occupation: “The Botanists’ Last Stand: The Daring Work of Saving the Last Samples of Dying Species” [Quartz]

Most Visceral Article About Climate Change: “Alaska’s Incredible Shrinking Village” [Sierra]

Essay We’d Most Want to Read from Highwire Daredevil Philippe Petit: “In Search of Fear” [Lapham’s Quarterly]

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