Eben Weiss

Systematically and mercilessly disassembling, flushing, greasing, and re-packing the cycling culture.  

Go Stick It In Your Ear

America is a strange place. From bloomers to hip hop to the iPhone, we've been the driving force of cultural change for much of the world. At the same time, we can be profoundly uptight—and there are...

Into the Woods

Getting acquainted with nature's carbon fiber

Time to Drop the Drops?

Nearly as old as the safety bicycle itself, the humble drop bar (or what laypeople refer to as "those curly-type handlebars like they use in the Tour de France") is arguably one of the most iconic...

Riding Begets Riding

Why cycling—and the world—would be better if we all stopped driving to rides.

The Ethics of E-Bikes

As e-bikes become increasingly pervasive (and relevant to my current lifestyle), my opinion on them has become nuanced. At present, for me, the ethics of the e-bike break down thusly.

The Death of Road Riding

Shrinking USA Cycling membership numbers... Rapidly expanding tire widths... "Adventure" bikes and gravel everything...Sometimes it can seem like good old-fashioned road riding is like totally over.

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