Eben Weiss

Systematically and mercilessly disassembling, flushing, greasing, and re-packing the cycling culture.  

The Ethics of E-Bikes

As e-bikes become increasingly pervasive (and relevant to my current lifestyle), my opinion on them has become nuanced. At present, for me, the ethics of the e-bike break down thusly.

The Death of Road Riding

Shrinking USA Cycling membership numbers... Rapidly expanding tire widths... "Adventure" bikes and gravel everything...Sometimes it can seem like good old-fashioned road riding is like totally over.

The Politics of Passing

There is a fundamental truth in cycling, and it is this: When riding on a trail, it's virtually impossible to pass a walker, runner, or hiker from behind without scaring the living shit out of them.

You Need a Bike with Flat Pedals

In the world of cycling it's common knowledge that in order to engage in "serious" riding you need foot retention, which today means using some type of clipless pedal system. Like many of cycling's...

The Perfect Bike Shop

Whether you're a child getting your first bike or a new commuter, you need a place that's going to stoke your excitement and indulge your imagination

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