Eben Weiss

Eben Weiss

Systematically and mercilessly disassembling, flushing, greasing, and re-packing the cycling culture.  


My Futile Effort to Quit Bike Racing

Some relationships last for life, while others crash and burn in short order. For every octogenarian couple holding hands on a park bench there are probably 100 who will break up by the time their...

Eben Weiss
Apr 24, 2019

Do Better Helmets Really Mean Safer Cyclists?

Introducing a completely new type of bicycle helmet is probably the savviest business decision a bike company has made since the introduction of the safety bicycle

Eben Weiss
Mar 29, 2019

Guilty Until Proven Helmeted

When a driver hits a cyclist—even a child on a bike—the victim is always the one who gets blamed, unless they're wearing a helmet

Eben Weiss
Mar 13, 2019

Cycling Is Only as Hard as You Make It

Cycling is easy—really easy. In fact, cycling is so easy that it's the standard by which all other easy stuff is measured, hence expressions like, "As easy as riding a bike."

Eben Weiss
Feb 28, 2019

The NYPD's Crusade Against Cyclists

New York City may make headlines for its Vision Zero initiative and its ever-growing bicycle infrastructure network, but the NYPD’s treatment of cyclists can be downright draconian

Eben Weiss
Feb 21, 2019