Eben Weiss

Eben Weiss

Systematically and mercilessly disassembling, flushing, greasing, and re-packing the cycling culture.  


Cycling Is Only as Hard as You Make It

Cycling is easy—really easy. In fact, cycling is so easy that it's the standard by which all other easy stuff is measured, hence expressions like, "As easy as riding a bike."

The NYPD's Crusade Against Cyclists

New York City may make headlines for its Vision Zero initiative and its ever-growing bicycle infrastructure network, but the NYPD’s treatment of cyclists can be downright draconian

Chill Out About the E-Scooter Injury Study

While I suspected the risk factor of e-scooters was overblown, there was no denying that people were getting hurt out there. Unfortunately, since scooters were still so new, there wasn’t much beyond...

Sorry Not Sorry

This past fall, in Rochester, New York, a driver returning from the golf course in his Range Rover hit a 10 year-old boy on his bike and left the scene. A judge made the driver apologize, and he...

When Drug Testing in Cycling Goes Too Far

It’s no surprise that when a 90-year-old masters cyclist tested positive for an anabolic agent—after winning a race in which he was the only entrant—and lost both a national title and a world record...

Cycling’s Only As Dangerous As You Make It

You can’t blame the average American for being afraid to ride when a stock pickup truck basically looks and sounds like it was designed to kill you. Fortunately, there’s lots you can do on the bike...