The 10 Types of People You Meet on the Trail

We embrace the stereotype to salute the characters who add a little personality to all the backpacking trips we’ve ever taken

(Erin Wilson)

The outdoors are for all of us, and all kinds do show up. Setting out on a stroll in nature means we will almost inevitably come in contact with not-so-polite, socially strong-willed, or otherwise memorable humans. With our combined years of hiking, Outside staffers realized that there a few trends in the humans we’ve encountered on the trail.

#1. Speedwalker Who Breathes Down Your Neck But Isn’t Going Quite Fast Enough to Pass You Gracefully

(Erin Wilson)

#2. Gear Junkie with Immaculate, Expensive Stuff That They Very Clearly Just Bought in One Grand Trip to REI

(Erin Wilson)

#3. Superfit Old Dude Who Says What a Beautiful Day It Is

(Erin Wilson)

#4. Hiker with Carabiners, Bear Bells, Hiking Poles, Visor, and Wraparound Sunglasses on Very Normal-Length Hike

(Erin Wilson)

#5. Neverending Boy Scout Caravan

(Erin Wilson)

#6. Small Child Who Is Absolutely Going to Die If They Have to Go One More Mile

(Erin Wilson)

#7. Mountain Biker Who Runs You Off the Trail and Definitely Doesn’t Mean It When They Apologize

(Erin Wilson)

#8. Annoying Dog Person Who Says “He Usually Comes Back to Me Right When I Give the Command!” Also, Leaves Their Dog Poo Bag on the Trail and Does Not Intend to Retrieve It Later

(Erin Wilson)

#9. Person in Jorts and Toms Who Is Probably Going on Their First (and Last) Hike of the Year

(Erin Wilson)

#10. Bro with Boombox and Affinity for Bad Pop-Country Electronic Remixes

(Erin Wilson)

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