Jake Bullinger

Jake Bullinger


Yosemite Finally Reckons with Its Discriminatory Past

In June, Yosemite superintendent Michael Reynolds signed a 30-year agreement that would allow the local American Indian Council of Mariposa County to build and use a wahhoga, the Miwuk word for...

Jake Bullinger
Aug 23, 2018

BLM Wants Grand Staircase-Escalante Open for Business

Despite promises from the president and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, the BLM wants to open up hundreds of thousands of acres in Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears national monuments for...

Jake Bullinger
Aug 16, 2018

Trump’s Pardon Condones Western Rebellion

On Wednesday, Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven, walked out of a federal prison in Southern California, joined oil magnate Forrest Lucas aboard his private jet, and flew home to Burns, Oregon.

Jake Bullinger
Jul 12, 2018

Trump Cut Wages for Outdoor Guides—and That's Fine

As you may have noticed, there wasn't a mass die-off of fishing, hunting, and rafting companies over the past four years. The reason? Based on multiple interviews with outfitters and guiding...

Jake Bullinger
Jun 11, 2018

It's So Dry, Forests Across the Southwest Are Closing

Last weekend, one of the biggest chunks of public land in the Southwest closed to the public. Citing wildfire danger and the chance that people would ignore campfire bans, officials closed New Mexico...

Jake Bullinger
Jun 6, 2018

How to Make Millions While Saving a Forest

Sealaska's project is expected to offset 11 million metric tons of carbon, the amount that 2.36 million cars emit in a year. With current offset prices at about $12 per ton, the credits could...

Jake Bullinger
May 7, 2018

Could Ryan Zinke Lose His Job?

In an administration constantly swirling with controversy, and under a president who cares very little about traditional professionalism, it seems Zinke can do pretty much whatever he wants.

Jake Bullinger
Apr 23, 2018

Politicians, Listen Up: Outdoor Rec Brings Big Money

The latest study from the OIA breaks down outdoor spending by congressional district. "These reports show that all districts have something to gain when our federal and local policymakers support our...

Jake Bullinger
Apr 20, 2018

When Skiing Collides with Immigration Politics

Angelina Lira never pictured herself as a skier. For years, she and her husband, Mauro, lived a spartan lifestyle in otherwise glitzy Jackson, Wyoming: The two of them worked double shifts at a local...

Jake Bullinger
Apr 2, 2018

Congress Just Ignored Trump’s Public-Land Cuts

Public-land advocates received a valuable civics lesson this week: the president can talk all he wants about budget cuts, but it’s Congress that decides where the money goes. Alas, many of President...

Jake Bullinger
Mar 23, 2018