Jake Bullinger

Jake Bullinger


Trump Wants the Monuments Open for Business

Despite promises from the president and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, the BLM wants to open up hundreds of thousands of acres in Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears national monuments for companies to drill and mine

Jake Bullinger
Aug 16, 2018

Trump’s Pardon Condones Western Rebellion

The president's decision wasn't an assessment of whether the Hammonds deserved their sentence or not, it was an endorsement of the Bundy family's movement

Jake Bullinger
Jul 12, 2018

How to Make Millions While Saving a Forest

Tribes and Native-owned corporations are making huge profits by conserving their forests for carbon offset programs—an effort that could revolutionize conservation

Jake Bullinger
May 7, 2018

Could Ryan Zinke Lose His Job?

He is one of the most scandal-plagued interior secretaries in history. But even so, he can probably get away with a lot more.

Jake Bullinger
Apr 23, 2018

When Skiing Collides with Immigration Politics

The Doug Coombs Foundation was created to subsidize skiing and open up the sport to a broader audience. Now the Jackson, Wyoming–based organization finds itself on the front lines in the battle over undocumented workers.

Jake Bullinger
Apr 2, 2018

Congress Just Ignored Trump’s Public-Land Cuts

Lawmakers didn't listen to the president’s call for less spending on land management and the environment—and put their foot down when it came to interior secretary Ryan Zinke’s reorganization plan, too

Jake Bullinger
Mar 23, 2018