Jake Bullinger

Jake Bullinger


Trump’s Pardon Condones Western Rebellion

On Wednesday, Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven, walked out of a federal prison in Southern California, joined oil magnate Forrest Lucas aboard his private jet, and flew home to Burns, Oregon.

How to Make Millions While Saving a Forest

Sealaska's project is expected to offset 11 million metric tons of carbon, the amount that 2.36 million cars emit in a year. With current offset prices at about $12 per ton, the credits could...

Could Ryan Zinke Lose His Job?

In an administration constantly swirling with controversy, and under a president who cares very little about traditional professionalism, it seems Zinke can do pretty much whatever he wants.

When Skiing Collides with Immigration Politics

Angelina Lira never pictured herself as a skier. For years, she and her husband, Mauro, lived a spartan lifestyle in otherwise glitzy Jackson, Wyoming: The two of them worked double shifts at a local...

Congress Just Ignored Trump’s Public-Land Cuts

Public-land advocates received a valuable civics lesson this week: the president can talk all he wants about budget cuts, but it’s Congress that decides where the money goes. Alas, many of President...