Sara Angle

Sara Angle

Sara is a journalist and ACE Certified Personal Trainer based in New York City. She has worked on staff at Shape and Self and at publications in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Rome. You can usually find her in the pool, trying out the latest trend in fitness, or plotting out her next adventure.


Eat This to Build Muscle

When crafting meals, these muscle-building foods should rank high on your list.

Sara Angle
Jan 24, 2018

The Best Exercises for a Strong Back

The core is the absolute powerhouse of your body. It's the place from which most of your movement starts. But many forget that your back is an integral part of the core and often neglect those...

Sara Angle
Jan 23, 2018

The Vitamins Every Athlete Actually Needs

While most people pay attention to their macronutrient consumption (protein, carbohydrates, and fat), they often forget about watching micronutrients—things like vitamins and minerals.

Sara Angle
Jan 8, 2018

What to Eat After Every Kind of Workout

When it comes to getting the most out of your training, eating the right foods after a workout is almost equally important as the miles you just logged.

Sara Angle
Nov 7, 2017

How to Do a Kettlebell Swing

Consistently add this move to your training regimen to see major upgrades in power, agility, and toughness for outdoor sports.

Sara Angle
Oct 5, 2017

How to Start Running and Actually Like It

When you think of a runner, chances are you craft an image of someone with tiny shorts, bad feet, and a borderline obsession with how many miles she's logged since breakfast.

Sara Angle
Sep 28, 2017

How to Use Box Jumps

Build your way up to the perfect box jump, then try these three progressions for continued results.

Sara Angle
Sep 15, 2017