Svati Kirsten Narula

Svati Kirsten Narula

Svati Kirsten Narula was an associate social media editor at Outside.


3 New Books Explore Mysteries and Trauma on Everest

‘The Third Pole,’ ‘See You Tomorrow,’ and ‘The Next Everest’ offer a compelling tour of the mountain’s recent history, from snowboard descents in the early 2000s to the deadly earthquake of 2015

Svati Kirsten Narula
Apr 20, 2021

Was the Ocean Cleanup Just a Pipe Dream?

After four months at sea, wunderkind inventor Boyan Slat's $360 million system is being towed back to port without having collected any plastic debris

Svati Kirsten Narula
Jan 8, 2019

What Shark Experts Really Think About Shark Week

On the 30th anniversary of Shark Week, we called up some shark scientists for a no-holds-barred conversation about the impact of the pop culture phenomenon

Svati Kirsten Narula and Kaelyn Lynch
Jul 26, 2018

What You Had to Say About Gear Makers Getting Political

When Patagonia, REI, and the North Face stood up to Trump’s national-monument shrinkage, did they earn more goodwill than they lost? We reviewed social comments to hear what you had to say.

Svati Kirsten Narula
Dec 8, 2017