[Un]Real Arizona
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Photo Gallery: A Few of Amy's Best Shots

Arizona native Amy Martin has been shooting her beloved home state and Grand Canyon for nearly two decades. Here are a few of her favorite shots.


As an Arizona native, I have lived with the paradox of water and desert for as long as I can remember—and it has formed the course of my life. I have worked off and on for the past ten years in different capacities on and along the Colorado River and it is a life that I dream about when I am away. My images in this gallery celebrate the lives and landscapes formed by the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. 

Sunset from Back Eddy camp, looking back upstream toward Deer Creek.  Learn more

A great blue heron fishes for dinner at the mouth of Havasu Creek. Learn more

A hiker braves Windy Ridge on the South Kaibab Trail after a snow storm.  Learn more

Morning reflections in Marble Canyon swirl warm and cool hues in an opposing palette. Learn more

Winter light promises warmth for the crew on a February trip through Marble Canyon. Learn more

Havasu Creek, a tributary of Grand Canyon, flows down over travertine ledges in Beaver Falls. Learn more

Sunset view of the inner gorge looking upstream from Granite Falls. Learn more

On its maiden voyage down Grand Canyon, the dory boat The North Fork rests under the starry skies of Nankoweap camp. Learn more