Abigail Barronian

Abigail Barronian

Abigail Barronian is an assistant fitness editor at Outside.


Should I Work Out When I'm Sick?

When you feel sickness coming on, exercise may be just what you need, or it may lay you up for days.

Abigail Barronian
May 17, 2018

Yoga Can Make You a Better Athlete

Whether you're a skier working to get strong, a mountain biker looking to soothe sore muscles and ease tension, or a surfer hoping to drop into a collected, meditative mental state, there's a yoga...

Abigail Barronian
Apr 30, 2018

A New Vision for BLM: Oil

On the front of the card, just below the BLM insignia and to the side of where it lists its “mission” and “values,” is an image of an oil derrick.

Abigail Barronian
Mar 16, 2018

Finding Your Dream Job Has Never Been So Easy

Outdoor recreation brings in 880 billion dollars a year and supports 7.6 million jobs—and plenty of those positions come with benefits and year-round employment.

Abigail Barronian
Nov 7, 2017

The Best Sports Bras

No piece of gear (except perhaps an IUD) is more personal than a sports bra.

Abigail Barronian
Oct 19, 2017