J. Weston Phippen

J. Weston Phippen


Zinke Rolls Over on National Park Fee Hikes

The plan was unpopular with both conservative and liberal politicians, and it had been harangued by the media as a nonsolution to the Park Service’s maintenance backlog.

J. Weston Phippen
Apr 4, 2018

Dry Winters Cost the Ski Industry $1 Billion

A new report by Protect Our Winters, a climate advocacy group, says a low-snow year can cost the ski resort industry more than $1 billion and 17,400 jobs, compared to an average season.

J. Weston Phippen
Feb 26, 2018

Bears Ears Officially Opens to Oil and Gas

There probably won’t be an 1800s-style land rush. What’s more likely is the energy industries that lobbied the Trump administration and Utah Republicans to slice up the monuments in the first place...

J. Weston Phippen
Feb 2, 2018

Meet Your Controversial New Park Service Director

The résumé of P. Daniel Smith includes being investigated and reprimanded for pressuring low-level rangers to let a billionaire chop down trees blocking his mansion's view.

J. Weston Phippen
Jan 29, 2018

Keeping the National Parks Open Is a Terrible Idea

Congress still has until the end of Friday to fund the government, but Republicans, who the majority of people blame, again, for Congress’s inability to keep the lights on, are trying to temper the...

J. Weston Phippen
Jan 19, 2018

The Dollars and Sense of Drilling in ANWR

It's the greatest chance in decades Republicans have to auction away, then dig, trench, and drill land that for 65 years has been called the last great American wilderness.

J. Weston Phippen
Nov 22, 2017