The Ultimate Beginner Climbing Kit On Sale Now

Everything you need at up to 50 percent off

Nine beginner climbing essentials. (Unsplash/Soroush Karimi)

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Leave the stinky rentals behind and invest in your very own climbing setup at Moosejaw’s Climbing Sale which is happening March 5 through March 11 with hundreds of products at least 25 percent off. We picked out our favorite beginner essentials to help you build your first kit.

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Evolv Spark and Nikita Climbing Shoe ($59; 31 percent off)


The non-aggressive turn of these shoes makes them perfect for your first pair of climbing kicks. Paired with a great front edge and extra sticky rubber, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a beginner-friendly shoe at a better price.

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Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet ($45; 25 percent off)

(Black Diamond)

Made from EPS foam with a webbing suspension system, the low profile Half Dome offers comfort and protection at an affordable price.

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Petzl GriGri + Belay Device ($113; 25 percent off)


Handy for beginners, Petzl’s latest belay piece has an anti-panic function that automatically brakes if the belayer yanks too hard on the release, stopping the climber’s descent.

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Black Diamond ATC-Guide Belay Device ($23; 25 percent off)

(Black Diamond)

If you don't want to splurge for the GriGri+, this simple to use belay device is an age-old favorite. Climbers commonly choose this option to avoid adding extra weight a burlier belay device brings.

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Black Diamond BD Brush Set ($15; 25 percent off)

(Black Diamond)

Keep gym holds clean and grippy with this brush set

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Black Diamond Mojo Chalk Bag ($9; 47 percent off)

(Black Diamond)

The Mojo Chalk Bag has a simple design that doesn't distract from your climbing. Tools fit nicely in the side brush holder.

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Black Diamond Refillable Chalk Shot ($4; 25 percent off)

(Black Diamond)

This simple mesh bag is an invaluable piece of equipment that keeps your chalk contained and your bag clean.

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Black Diamond Rocklock Magnetron Carabiner ($19; 25 percent off)

(Black Diamond)

Designed to be operated with one hand, this carabiner uses magnets to stay locked. And it makes a satisfying click, so you’ll always know when it’s secure.

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Black Diamond Momentum and Primrose Packages ($75; 25 percent off)

(Black Diamond)

If convenience is key, the Momentum and Primrose packages have most of the gear you need to get started at a great price. Included is a climbing harness, locking carabiner, belay device, chalk, and chalk bag.

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