Build Your Backpacking Kit at REI's End of Season Sale

All the gear you need, at an additional 25 percent off sale prices

We scoured REI's website to find the best backpacking gear on sale at the End of Season clearance, which starts Friday and runs through March 19. (deimagine/iStock)

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Summer—prime backpacking season—is on its way. So we scoured REI's website to find the best backpacking gear on sale at the End of Season clearance, which starts Friday and runs through March 19. 

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REI Co-op Flexlite Macro Chair ($57; 50 percent off)


Love the original REI Flexlite chair but found it be a bit small? Good news: the Flexlite macro is 20 percent larger in all dimensions. It holds up to 300 pounds.

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Goal Zero Flip 10 Charger Bundle ($19, 75 percent off)

(Goal Zero)

For use at home or on the trail, the Goal Zero Flip 10 bundle holds a full charge for your cell phone or other small devices. Have a solar panel? The Flip 10 is USB chargeable so you can juice up with the sun. 

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REI Co-op  Multi Towel Lite Large ($7; 77 percent off)


You can never have too many camping towels, right? The REI Multi Towel absorbs up to eight times its weight in water. 

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Black Diamond Iota Headlamp ($24; 45 percent off)

(Black Diamond)

Black Diamond's Iota Headlamp has dimming capabilities and a 150-lumen beam that's able to light up objects up to 130 feet away.

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REI Traverse Trekking Poles ($53; 55 percent off)


Save your knees and invest in a pair of trekking poles. This set from REI is women-specific and allows adjustments at two points. 

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Gregory Deva 60 Pack ($113; 75 percent off)


A time-tested favorite, the Gregory Deva 60 has a removable day pack that provides a combination hydration reservoir and ultralight pack. It's perfect for unscheduled day trips, summit hikes or supply runs into town during a thru-hike.

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REI Co-op Helio Sack 55 ($32; 65 percent off)


A great option for summer camping, the REI Co-op Helio Sack is rated down to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and packs down small to save space. 

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Sea To Summit Comfort Plus Sleeping Pad ($124; 50 percent off)

(Sea To Summit)

The simple dual-layer design of the Comfort Plus ensures a level of built-in redundancy—if a puncture occurs in one layer of the mattress, the other layer remains fully functional. 

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REI Co-op Duck's Pack Rain Cover ($17; 52 percent off)


Don't let rain stop you from your trek, protect your belongings with the Duck's Pack rain cover. 

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Big Agnes Tumble 3 mtnGLO Tent ($149; 65 percent off) 

(Big Agnes)

Made for three people, the Big Agnes Tumble 3 weighs in around six pounds at minimum trail weight. The internal LEDs illuminate the interior of your tent with over 90 hours of hands-free light to sort gear, read, eat, and play cards.

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Trek Fresh 4-in-1 Oral Hygiene Kit ($3; 83 percent off)

(Trek Fresh)

Minimize your toiletry kit and grab this four-in-one bundle. This small kit includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and a convenient travel case that doubles as a toothbrush handle.

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Buff Coolmax High UV ($13; 57 percent off)


Protect your neck and head from powerful UV rays with this simple Buff. The tight weave of the coolmax fabric gives this a UPF 20 rating. 

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REI Co-op Screeline Sombrero ($13, 77 percent off)


The REI Co-op Screeline Sombrero  has built-in side vents to keep your head cool. The packable materials allows you to shove it wherever it fits in your bag without worries of wrinkling. 

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Stanley Vacuum Coffee System ($30; 45 percent off)


If you take trail coffee serious, this kit is made for you. Included is a half liter pot, two cups, french press, and a 17-ounce insulated mug. 

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Smartwool Merino 150 Base Layer Top ($39; 56 percent off)


Wool is an ideal layer for hiking: it's got a great warmth-to-weigh ratio and fights stink for days. In the case of the Merino 150 base layer from Smartwool, this wool top also has raglan sleeves to hem hems out from under pack straps. 

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