Tools to Help You Recover From Any Workout

Don't overlook the most important part of your training cycle

Nice abs. But after all that time in the gym and on the trails, I bet you’re sore. (alvarez/iStock)
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So you’re three months into your resolution to become the strongest, fastest version of yourself. Congratulations. But after all that time in the gym and on the trails, your body is sore and worn out. That's why we’ve gathered some of the best-reviewed recovery tools on the web to help you get back in the gym.

Muscle Mauler Foam Roller ($20)

foam roller
(Courtesy Master of Muscle)

Recovery begins and ends with a proper foam roller and the Muscle Mauler has raised points that add a massaging element to your standard foam rolling session.

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TheraBand Stretch Strap ($20)

(Courtesy Theraband)

Take your post-workout stretch to the next level with this band that has toe loops and larger foot loops which allow you to get into dynamic stretches without a partner. Your hammies and hips will thank you.

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Rogue MobilityWod Supernova Ball($40)

(Courtesy Rogue)

Maybe you’ve been using a tennis ball to pinpoint sore muscles—and that’s great—but if you really want to get deep tissue therapy, consider this ball of pain. Start by putting this ball between your back and a wall, and graduate to the floor for a session of sheer joy/pain.

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Bed of Nails Mat($50)

(Courtesy Bed of Nails)

No, not actual nails. This foam mat has plastic nails offering a chance for an at-home acupressure session. Lay naked on the mat for 10 minutes and rise less tense and with better blood circulation.

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Gaiam Restore Foot Massage Roller ($10)

(Courtesy Gaiam)

Place this small tool in the freezer or in a bowl of hot water and add heat or cold to your foot rolling session. If you suffer from heel spurs, foot tightness or plantar fasciitis, this thing is key.

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