Dispatches Apr 17, 2018

The Woman Who Rides Mountains

Sarah Gerhardt is one of six women to be invited to compete in the first all-female heat at a Mavericks event (Nikki Brooks)
sarah gerhardt

Mavericks, the monster surf-break off the Northern California coast, has long been a proving ground for the world’s best big-wave surfers. But the contest held there most years has never included any women, despite the fact that female surfers have been dropping in on giant swells for decades. In fact, the inaugural event at Mavericks, held in 1999 and called “Men Who Ride Mountains,” took place several weeks after Sarah Gerhardt caught her first wave there. She wasn’t a professional surfer—she was a graduate student at nearby U.C, Santa Cruz, where she had just started a PhD in chemistry. Fast forward to today, and Gerhardt was one of six women invited to compete in a Mavericks event. Outside contributor Stephanie Joyce caught up with the pioneering athlete to talk about her remarkable path.

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