11 Performance Socks That Are 20 Percent Off Right Now

Throw out all your old white cotton and upgrade with these great deals

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Photo: Paula May / Unsplash

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Socks are crucial for staying comfortable outside, but we hate dropping $25 on a pair. Fortunately, Backcountry.com is offering 20 percent off some great, high-end socks from May 1 through May 14. 

Darn Tough ATC Micro Crew Hiking Men's ($17)

(Darn Tough)

Backed by Darn Tough's legendary lifetime warranty, these socks have a tight-knit that resists moisture and dries quickly. Plus, they contribute to public lands: for every pair sold, Darn Tough will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

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Darn Tough Hiker 1/4 Cushion ($14)

(Darn Tough)

Great for multi-day hiking, these merino wool socks have just enough cushion to provide comfort without adding bulk. The wool helps regulate feet temperature and flat seams prevent chafing. 

Men's Women's

Pendleton Wool Blends Crew Men's ($19)


Designed for casual wear, these socks will add style to any outfit. They're made from a merino-nylon blend and feature the same patterns as the brand's famous wool blankets. 

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Bridgedale Wool Fusion Trail Men's ($16)


Made from merino and a touch of Lycra, these socks retain their shape after multiple washings. The tall cut makes them great for wearing with hiking boots.

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Darn Tough Junior 1/4 Cushion ($11)

(Darn Tough)

Your kids need high-quality socks, too. The mid-level cushioning on these merino wool socks are perfect for long days in the playground or on the trail. 

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Smartwool Phd Outdoor Approach Mini ($17)


Made for approach shoes or light hikers, the Approach Mini has strategically placed mesh panels to help your feet breathe. The women's style has a narrower profile for a better fit. 

Men's Women's

Kari Traa Tillarot Women's ($6)

(Kari Traa)

Ideal for running or training, this ultra-thin sock from Kari Traa is made from a blend of nylon and elastane. Although they don't have a full tab, an extra high heel helps the sock stay in place during high-intensity activities. 

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Fits Light Hiker Crew Men's ($12)


To create a sock that prizes comfort above everything else, Fits blended four different materials—merino wool, nylon, polyester, and Lycra—then arranged them in specific areas of the sock. A well-designed toe cup conforms to the natural shape of your foot, with no excess material to rub and chafe, and a Y-shaped stitching in the back creates a deep pocket for the heel so the sock doesn't move around or lose its shape.

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Smartwool Saturnsphere Men's ($17)


Featuring stylish stripes, these merino socks rise to mid-calf. Minimal cushion makes them best for shorter hikes and casual wear.

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Injinji Outdoor Original Weight Nuwool Crew ($14)


Not just a novelty sock anymore, these toe socks are specially designed for running. Individual toe pockets keep toes separate and reduce chaffing. 

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Smartwool PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Women's ($13)


In addition to taking advantage of the natural breathability of merino wool, these socks have mesh ventilation zones to help prevent sweaty feet and a heel tab to keep everything in place. 

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