Ridgemont Makes the Ultimate Do-Everything Shoe

Our editor wears them all the time, from the office to the trail

Monty Hi

I'm particular with my shoes. I find a pair I like and I wear them daily until I've worn through the heals and my toes are sticking out the front. For a long time, my go-to choice was Vans, but their lightweight canvas design couldn't handle the abuse from rocky trails around Santa Fe. That's why I switched to an equally stylish, but burlier option: the Ridgemont Monty Hi's.

The Monty Hi's aesthetic is pure old­school hiking boot. They go well with jeans and feel at home in the Outside office. For a boot, they're pretty lightweight which makes them comfortable for everyday wear, but the foam and rubber sole is stiff enough to provide lots of support whether I'm biking or on a quick after-work hike. The patchwork oiled leather and ripstop nylon have an outdoorsy look but the subdued colorways easily mix with a more urban style. And there's a waterproof-breathable liner, which while overkill in the desert, make them a practical choice for places like the Pacific Northwest.

Now through the end of the month, Ridgemont is offering Outside readers 20 percent off a pair of Monty Hi's with code: Outside20.

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