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The Best Folding Knives, According to You

Perfect for EDC or in your backpack, these folding knives are ready to tag along on your adventures

This week, we scanned Amazon’s bestseller list for the highest-rated folding knives, then pulled the best, most authoritative reviews for each.

TAC Force TF-705RB ($10)

(Photo: TAC Force)

“I got this knife with my Prime membership, and I’m obsessed with it. The blade is legitimately supersharp, and I love the rainbow color. It looks incredible when it hits light just right. It does open and close fast like the description stated. The bottle opener, screwdriver, and glass breaker are extra perks.”

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Kershaw Blur S30V ($65)


“This is an excellent knife. The action is fast and intuitive. The blade is lower-visibility and holds a good edge. The sharpening is very reasonable, as there are no serrations to complicate the process. I carry this every day in a law-enforcement capacity. It has been with me for just over a year, and I’ve sharpened it one time.”

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Buck Knives 110 ($40)


“The Buck 110 Folding Hunter is nothing short of a classic and a truly on-point (no pun intended) wilderness knife. This knife is one of the strongest folding knives I’ve ever used. Everything about this knife is designed for the best sharpness and ease of cutting. The knife steel is 420HC, a steel that doesn’t always get its due, in my opinion. Buck is seriously a great company. Buy this knife!”

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Opinel Carbon Steel ($15)

(Photo: Opinel)

“After reading a bit about Opinel knives, I knew I had to try one of these things out. This knife is all about comfort and utility. It has one blade that’s secured with a rotating collar at its base. This collar will keep the blade open or closed with one quarter-turn. The four-inch handle is ergonomic and of sufficient size even for my giant hands. Opinels have the longevity to be passed down in families across generations. This knife is one of the cheapest and most useful heirlooms money can buy.”

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TAC Force TF-469 ($10)

(Photo: TAC Force)

This knife is perfect for what it is. It’s a solidly built knife that I can use the crap out of and not feel bad if I destroy it, all while being good-looking and fitting discreetly into my pocket. I wear this knife all the time, and whether I’m at work, at church, or on a date, it feels comfortable. The clip is sturdy, the lock is solid, and the handle is beautiful and comfortable to hold. The knife is easy to sharpen and does what I need it to do.”

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Kershaw Brawler ($25)


This knife is awesome. It flips out fast, and there is absolutely zero wiggle from the blade and the handle when it’s opened. It’s very sturdy. This was my first Kershaw knife. This knife is tough, sharp as hell, opens fast, and feels awesome in your hand. I highly recommend it. I have collected many different knives over the years, and Kershaw is quickly becoming my favorite brand.”

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Gerber Paraframe ($15)


“I love this knife! It’s small, thin, light, holds an edge well enough, and is pretty much bulletproof. I’ve been carrying one for years now, and the clip has never broken, the bearing is still nice and smooth, and I can still open and close it with one hand. The liner-lock never fails to snap into place with a satisfying click, but it isn’t too strong to push out of the way. It’s small and light enough that you can just clip it on a pocket and forget it’s there until you need it.”

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