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The Best Fitness Accessories of 2018

(Inga Hendrickson)

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Details matter when it comes to keeping workouts fresh.

(Courtesy Vans)

Vans Slide On Sandals ($30)

Molded footbeds provide ample arch support for all-day comfort, but who are we kidding? Vans’ classic checkerboard pattern is the real draw here, and a source of street cred as you stroll to and from a lap-pool workout.

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(Courtesy FitDeck)

FitDeck Cards ($15)

Talk about oblique strategies. Each of the 56 cards included here illustrate a different body-weight exercise, from burpees to bicycle crunches, and there are rep suggestions for a range of fitness levels. After mastering the body-weight pack, deal in others focused on plyometrics or kettlebell exercises.

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(Courtesy Metolius)

Metolius Rock Rings 3D Holds ($30)

Pull-ups are the ultimate exercise for working the upper body. These portable climbing holds take it to the next level, turning the standard move into a feat of grip strength. Start at the top and work your way down through progressively narrower finger holds.

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(Courtesy Rogue)

Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope ($32)

Not all jump ropes are created equal. Ditch your schoolyard relic for the adjustable SR-1, which lets you dial in the length of the nylon-coated steel cable. Solid handles and a smooth-spinning bearing system allow for even rotation. Double unders have never been this easy.

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(Courtesy Serious Steel)

Serious Steel Band Set ($14)

Add resistance to body-weight movements with these three natural latex bands, which add as much as 80 body-toning pounds to your exercises. Use the lighter strap for agility training and mobil-ity work, and the heavier one for strength conditioning. Throw in the optional hip and glute band ($20) during strides and squats to target your backside and abductor muscles.  

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(Courtesy SKLZ)

Sklz Hydro-Roller Bottle ($25)

You need to hydrate, and you need to roll out sore muscles. You can do both (and save precious space in your gym bag) with this stainless-steel water bottle. It holds 28 ounces of Gatorade, water, or whatever, and pulls double duty as a recovery tool, thanks to the patterned foam wrap.

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