5 Do-It-All Multitools for Cheap

One of these handy micro-gadgets might just save your life

We’ve scoured reviews and undergone some in-house testing to find a handful of Jack-of-all-Trades that actually perform well in the field and around town. (pxhidalgo/iStock)
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The appeal of a multitool is undeniable: a single gadget that can do nearly everything. The problem is that manufacturers often prioritize the number of tools included over usability, making most multitools fairly useless for anything except a last resort. But some are better than others so we've scoured reviews and undergone in-house testing to find five that actually perform well in the field and around town.

Leatherman Style PS ($30)

(Courtesy Leatherman)

The Style PS gives you a handful of classic Leatherman tools (pliers, scissors, file, wire cutter, tweezers, flathead) in a TSA-compliant package. There’s no knife, and most of the tools on the Style PS pull double duty—the file is also a flathead screwdriver—which helps keep the overall package svelte.

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SOG Knives Baton Q2 ($45)

(Courtesy SOG)

SOG’s Baton line streamlines the multitool design so it fits seamlessly into your everyday carry arsenal, attaching to your pocket like a pen or knife. The Baton Q4 has a full set of tools, but we like the slimmer Q2 because it gives you a 75-lumen flashlight, a 2.5-inch steel blade, and a bottle opener, all in a tool about the size of a Sharpie.

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Lezyne Rap-21 CO2 ($35)

(Courtesy Lezyne)

If a bike is part of your daily routine, Lezyne’s new multitool has all the standard bike-friendly tools, like hex wrenches, spoke wrenches, a chain breaker, and tire levers, plus a CO2 dispenser.

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Cha-O-Ha EDC Card ($35)

(Courtesy Cha-O-Ha Design)

This is the multitool for people who don’t want to carry a multitool. Slip this steel card in your wallet and you’ll have 30 tools at your disposal, the best of which are the multiple closed hex drivers. The bottle opener is also key. Yes, it's a last resort tool, but it's so small you won't even notice it until you need it.

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Gerber Center-Drive ($85)

(Courtesy Gerber)

If you’re willing to shell out a little extra cash, the Center-Drive is a worthy upgrade. It features 16 different tools, most of which are full-sized, including a 3.25-inch knife, a long driver with a standard bit set, and big spring-loaded pliers, all in a beefy ten-ounce package that can withstand a beating.

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