Yeti Releases a Tundra on Wheels

The cooler giant is making its famous (and very, very heavy) Tundra more portable

With an internal volume of roughly 48 liters, the Tundra Haul will be able to fit 45 cans of beer with ice or 55 pounds of ice alone. (Courtesy Yeti/Sarah Frankie Linder)
Photo: Courtesy Yeti/Sarah Frankie Linder yeti

The Yeti Tundra is one of the most iconic coolers on the market. It was the product Austin brothers Roy and Ryan Seiders launched their company with back in 2006, and the overbuilt, exceptionally insulated cooler continues to be a staple of truck beds and campsites around the country. 

Twelve years later, Yeti is reinventing the wheel—or at least reinventing its classic design by adding wheels. On Monday, Yeti released the Tundra Haul ($400), which addresses a major issue with Yeti coolers: they’re so burly, and they weigh so much when full, that the larger sizes are almost unmovable. 

(Courtesy Yeti)

With an internal volume of roughly 65 liters—squarely in the middle of the Tundra line—the Tundra Haul fits 45 cans of beer with ice or 55 pounds of ice alone. It’s also tall enough to fit a bottle of wine vertically. But thanks to treaded wheels and a T-bar pull handle, it doesn’t require multiple people to lug it from car to campsite. 

According to Yeti, the wheels are single pieces of polyurethane, so they won’t puncture or go flat. As for the handle, it’s wide enough for two hands and folds neatly against the side of the cooler. In all other respects, the Tundra Haul looks and functions like its predecessor, with the same design, insulation, and durable materials.

Yeti isn’t the first to incorporate transportability into a large rotomolded cooler. Otterbox sells wheel attachments for its Venture line, and Rovr equips its RollR coolers with puncture-resistant wheels. But the portable design is a welcome addition to the Yeti line. We have yet to test the Tundra Hauler, and as summer approaches, we’re anxious to get our hands on one and take it into the New Mexico heat to see how it performs.

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