What 'Outside' Readers Bought Last Month

The gear we reviewed that caught the most attention

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Our editors spend a lot of time sorting, testing, and reviewing the latest and greatest gear, and it's always interesting to see which reviews connect the most with our readers. These are the seven most purchased products from May. If so many of your fellow gear-nerds like these products, then maybe you will, too. 

Clif Nut Butter Filled Bars ($2)

(Clif Bar)

Outside staffers love these nut butter filled bars so much that we recently ranked every flavor. Take a look at our favorites, then stock up and save 10 percent when you buy 10 or more.

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Hydro Flask Coffee Flask ($25)

(Hydro Flask)

Never compromise for lukewarm java with this coffee flask. The drip-free flip lid makes sure you don't spill your precious coffee on the way to the office. 

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Black Diamond Moji Lantern ($20)

(Black Diamond)

A simple lantern that packs a powerful punch, the Moji has three settings controlled by a single button. The built-in hook let's you hang it from your tent or tree. 

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REI Co-op Multi Towel Lite ($10)

(REI Co-op)

An essential item for hikers and travelers, this synthetic towel features a waffle texture that helps it absorb up to eight times its weight in water. Yet wring it out and it'll dry almost instantly. 

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REI Co-op Camp X Chair ($40)


Relaxing with friends around a campfire or sitting and watching the sunset is always a rewarding end to a long drive. The Camp X is a no-frills camp chair that’s comfortable, stores relatively small, and has three pockets to hold beer and other accessories.

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REI Co-op Mesh Stuff Sack ($10)

(REI Co-op)

These stuff sacks are some of the most underrated travel products. They’re light, can easily be stuffed in a backpack pocket, and are great for storing dirty laundry or air-drying wet clothes.

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GU Energy Stroopwafel ($2)

(Courtesy of GU)

This stroopwafel is a staff favorite: it contains a balanced mix of amino acids to combat fatigue and electrolytes to replenish the ones we lose when we sweat. It will also give you a mid-work boost thanks to the 20 milligrams of caffeine. Plus, it tastes like candy. 

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