Your Best Road-Trip Photos

Our readers submitted their favorite moments from cross-country adventures

“Just did a road trip down to Baja and back it was pretty unreal!” (Photo: Holly Mandarich/Facebook)
“Just did a road trip down to Baja and back it was pretty unreal!”

Throughout the pandemic, we'll keep publishing news to help you navigate the state of travel today (like whether travel insurance covers the coronavirus), as well as stories about places for you to put on your bucket list once it's safe to start going more far-flung.

Earlier this month, we hit up our readers on Facebook for their best on-the-road shots. Turns out, you all like to travel by truck and car as much as the editors at Outside. Presenting our favorite moments—along with some of your travel tips, which we plan to use.

White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire and Maine

road trip
(Photo: Diana Howe/Facebook)

“My best friend and I took a road trip through the northeast U.S. in October 2016 and found a stranger to take this picture of us in White Mountain National Forest. She lives in Ohio, and I live in New York, and we take an annual road trip like this together. Past trips have included cross-country to California and back.” —Diana Howe

Baja California Peninsula, Mexico

road trip
(Photo: Holly Mandarich/Facebook)

“Just did a road trip down to Baja and back. It was pretty unreal!” —Holly Mandarich

Escalante, Utah

road trip
(Photo: Tom Wilson/Facebook)

“Greetings from Utah! Cottonwood narrows, because on a road trip through Escalante, I like to follow the signs that say “high ground clearance, 4x4 required.’” —Tom Wilson

Painted Hills, Oregon

road trip
(Photo: Casey Hyde/Facebook)

“Moving to the West Coast was absolutely the best decision I’ve made. The difference in geography is mind-blowing in comparison to what this Tennessee cosmic cowboy is used to. Here, I captured the bench that occupied my mind (and my bum) for a few hours as I gazed upon the Painted Hills, which are one of the three features of the John Day Fossil Beds in Oregon, a microadventure that involved two hours of exploring and five hours of driving—worth every second.” —Casey Hyde

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee and North Carolina

road trip
(Photo: Abby Ready/Facebook)

“Random road trip this year to the Smokies just so I could hike on the Appalachian Trail and ended up hiking to Charlies Bunion. That view is worth it!” —Abby Ready

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

road trip
(Photo: Emma Byland/Facebook)

“My sister and I took an eight-day road trip through Utah this past April. Our first stop was Bryce Canyon National Park, and then we worked our way east through Capitol Reef, Goblin Valley State Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, Canyonlands, Arches, and Colorado National Monument before flying out of Grand Junction. Pictured here is on the way to Chesler Park, deep in Canyonlands National Park (Needles District).” —Emma Byland

Point Reyes National Seashore, California

road trip
(Photo: Amanda Julia Steinback/Facebook)

“Point Reyes National Seashore was the zenith moment of my three-week road trip. Backcountry camping among cascading bluffs buried in wildflowers was a life experience I’ll never forget.” —Amanda Julia Steinback

U.S. Route 285, Colorado

road trip
(Photo: Jiang Li/Facebook)

“My favorite photo from a road trip last year of my mother on Highway 285 in Colorado.” —Jiang Li

Steese Highway, Alaska

road trip
(Photo: Cristiano Saturno/Facebook)

“I went to Alaska on the hunt for the northern lights to try to perceive what the sky is trying to tell me when it dances.” —Cristiano Saturno

Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive, Michigan

road trip
(Photo: Amber Febbraro/Facebook)

“Took a road trip to northern Michigan to run a marathon and drove along the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive on a wet spring day. This bridge among the beautiful wet leaves caught my eye, and I think a fall trip back is in order!” —Amber Febbraro

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Lead Photo: Holly Mandarich/Facebook