What Outside Readers Bought in June

The gear we reviewed last month that grabbed the most attention

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Photo: Spring Fed Images / Unplash

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Our editors spend a lot of time sorting, testing, and reviewing the latest and greatest gear, and it’s always interesting to see which reviews connect the most with our readers. These are the seven most purchased products from June. If so many of your fellow gear nerds like these products, then maybe you will too. 

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Repellent ($5)


One of the most popular bug repellents on Amazon. One reviewer wrote, “This stuff works fantastically. It lasts for hours and has no chemical smell. It definitely has a lemon smell, but not like the furniture-polish lemon smell. I had no bites when using this, and I was out for about three hours. You would need to reapply if you’re getting in and out of the water—just keep that in mind. Mosquitoes love me, so if it works on me, it should work on anyone.”

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Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why ($15)


This is one of the best 20 books I’ve read in my life,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “It is about far more than just survival in adventure sports or combat. It’s about how to handle all kinds of disasters that we all eventually face. The book [by Laurence Gonzales] is elegantly written, too. I have been a sea kayaker, scuba diver, and backpacker over the course of my life, and as I read I remembered incidents and people over decades of my life. As for myself, this book has kept me from doing some insanely stupid things—and reminded me of dumb things I’ve done that should have killed me.”

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ENO DoubleNest Hammock ($70)

(Courtesy Eno)

Our readers take relaxing seriously and many of them snapped up the DoubleNest hammock, which we featured in our weekly deals column. It’s big enough for two to hang out in and can hold 400 pounds. Plus, it packs down to the size of a grapefruit.

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Hydro Flask Rocks Tumbler ($30)

(Hydro Flask)

Mix up a tasty cocktail and keep it cold for hours in the Rocks tumbler. The smooth, beveled bottom provides a comfy shelf for your pinky finger and allows the cup to sit well in your hand.

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Sawyer Picaridin Repellent ($9)

(Sawyer Products)

Of another popular bug repellent, one Amazon reviewer wrote that “Sawyer Picaridin is more effective than anything I have ever used, and mosquitoes love me! Yesterday, I used Sawyer Picaridin and went out in the afternoon to prune banana trees for several hours and never got a single bite. And it feels so much better on my skin.”

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Travelon Laundry Soap Sheets ($5)

carry on
(Courtesy Travelon)

Contributor Janna Irons wrote about her essential gear to train on the road, and these laundry soap sheets made the top of her list. “Just throw a few in the sink with whatever needs washing, then lather, rinse, and air-dry. Each pack comes with 50 biodegradable sheets.”

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Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag ($5)


This book,” by Creek Stewart, “has everything concisely thought out, explained, and organized,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “There’s not much on nuclear attacks; this is more for the things we see in the news every year, like floods, fires, or potential mass evacuations. I’ve read a lot of these books, and this is the most useful by far (along with his book on a bug-out vehicle). He lists items you should consider but always reminding you to pack what’s relevant to you and your needs.”

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