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Chaco Rolls Out a Re-Sole Program for Its Famous Flips

No need to simply toss your flips after running them into the ground

(Photo: Emily Reed)

Chaco flips are mainstays in our summer kits. But up until now, you couldn’t send them in for repair through the company’s ReChaco program (the treads weren’t compatible with the re-soling system). Next year, Chaco is fixing that and giving you the option to repair your beloved flips if the soles blow out.

Beginning in spring 2019, the Playa collection will feature several styles, from classic webbing to a new leather flip, all with soles that can be replaced. Rachel Vormittag, a product developer at the brand, acknowledges that the construction of the flip tread has been tricky to adjust to allow for resoling, but this year Chaco finally found the right formula after several years of tweaking and engineering (though she couldn't say exactly what that formula is).

(Photo: Emily Reed)

Vormittag says the advancement helps address the somewhat disposable nature of flip-flops and bring a bit more enviro-friendliness to the shoes. Hopefully, customers will use, love, and run their flip-flops into the ground for ten or 20 years, resole them when needed, and not need to throw out the whole package.

Resoling will likely run about $40, although the brand hasn’t locked down numbers yet. The existing ReChaco turnaround time is usually up to ten days, depending on the repair needed. Unlike in the sandal repairs, only the flips’ sole will be replaceable, not the webbing yet—though Vormittag says the brand is working on that too.

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Lead Photo: Emily Reed
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