The Best Performance Food on Sale Now

Protein, energy, and superfoods—get these goodies while they’re cheap

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Summer means long days on the trail and on the water. Having the right food before, during, or after your workout makes all the difference. These 10 delicious performance foods are all at least 20 percent off right now.

Honey Stinger Energy Gel, 24 Pack ($28; 20 percent off)

(Honey Stinger)

Honey Stinger’s naturally derived energy will keep you going longer and help you recover faster. These small packets of gel are perfect for stashing in a pocket or your gym bag for a quick pick-me-up. Each packet is full of B vitamins, electrolytes, 29 grams of carbohydrates, and 32 milligrams of caffeine. They’re available in ginsengchocolate, and kiwi-strawberry flavors. 

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Vega Protein Smoothie ($16; 20 percent off)


Gone vegan and concerned about your protein levels? Vega has you covered. This smoothie loads a whopping 15 grams of 100 percent plant protein into each drink. Mix it with water or add it to a smoothie for a delicious boost.

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Vega Protein and Greens ($32; 20 percent off)


If you’re looking for protein and greens, this mix is for you. Featuring 20 grams of protein and two servings of vegetables, this drink mix can be added to baking recipes for a fun dessert or bread. 

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Honey Stinger Energy Bar, 15 Pack ($22; 20 percent off)

(Honey Stinger)

If you’re sick of gels or don’t like the texture, these bars are another great way to get energy during your workouts. Made from ingredients similar to the gels’, the bars are packed with 27 grams of carbohydrates, four grams of fat, ten grams of protein, and two grams of fiber. 

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Neogenis Beet Elite NeO Shot, 10 Pack ($20; 30 percent off)


Lauded as a superfood, beetroot is said to improve athletic performance, lower blood pressure, and increase blood flow. Best used before a high-output activity, these packets give you a shot of beet in a small, convenient package. 

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Honey Stinger Energy Gel, Bulk Bottle ($15; 20 percent off)

(Honey Stinger)

If you love gel but hate the waste that comes along with it, try it in these bulk 23-ounce bottles. Each has 20 servings of gel, which you can easily use to fill up a gel flask or even drink right from the bottle. 

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Epic Chicken Bites ($5; 30 percent off)


The most common way to get your daily protein is from meat, and Epic makes great on-the-go meat treats. The chicken version has six grams of protein and 100 calories to keep you going on the trail.

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Bonk Breaker Energy Bar ($2; 30 percent off)

(Bonk Breaker)

Get your energy in bar form with these treats from Bonk Breaker. They feature only nine ingredients.

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Honey Stinger Protein Bar, 15 Pack ($30; 20 percent off)

(Honey Stinger)

Perfect for people on the go, these bars are meant to be meal replacements or after-workout recovery snacks. Each bar has ten grams of protein and 200 calories.

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Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews, 12 Pack ($23; 20 percent off)

(Honey Stinger)

Like gummy bears for adults, these energy chews have a texture that’s a treat on the trail. Each package has 160 calories, a full serving of vitamin C, and easy-to-digest carbohydrates.

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