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Dennis Mersereau

Dennis Mersereau

Dennis Mersereau is a reporter and author who cuts through the noise to bring you solid, engaging weather coverage.


Let's All Remember That Weather Is Not Climate

Think of the weather as your mood and the climate as your personality: your mood changes each day, whereas your personality is the sum of all those moods over the course of years

Dennis Mersereau
Jan 31, 2019

A Skier's Guide to El Niño

For those of us chasing powder, here's what the meteorologists say winter likely has in store

Dennis Mersereau
Dec 21, 2018

The Meteorology Behind California's Crazy Waves

Why was the ocean so nasty along the West Coast on Sunday and Monday? It’s all thanks to a low-pressure system thousands of miles away and a meteorological phenomenon called a fetch. Let me explain.

Dennis Mersereau
Dec 18, 2018