Boulder Denim Launches a New Line of Performance Jeans

One of the world’s first makers of real performance jeans rolls out a major upgrade.

(Boulder Denim)
Photo: Boulder Denim

Boulder Denim was one of the first manufactures to incorporate stretchy Lycra into jeans when it launched in 2015. Since then, performance jeans—jeans that are comfortable and look good but don’t hinder you when climbing, running, or biking—have exploded, with major brands like Patagonia, Levi’s, and Black Diamond all making their own versions.

This month, Boulder Denim is launching Boulder Denim 2.0, a new product that has the same performance use in mind but employs more-comfortable fabric and has more everyday-wear features. The new jeans are 83 percent cotton, 14 percent polyester, and three percent Lycra in a soft twill blend that makes them even harder to rip or tear yet lightweight and more breathable than other denims on the market. The fabric moves with the body, and each pair is shaped with a waistband designed to work with the wearer’s curves, hugging contours and reducing gapping. The curse of regular jeans is that they stretch and loosen over time, but with 90 percent shape memory and reinforced stitching, Boulder Denim 2.0 retains its fit no matter the activity. The PFC-free hydrophobic DWR treatment repels sweat, spills, and stains to help keep pants dry and clean longer. 

My favorite feature of the Boulder Denim 2.0s is the super-deep pockets (they’re easily the deepest jean pockets I’ve ever seen), which are designed to keep items from falling out when you’re on the move. Additionally, there’s a small front pocket with a hidden zipper to secure valuables.

Currently available for preorder on Kickstarter, the jeans come in four different models: men’s slim, men’s jogger, women’s skinny, and women’s straight. 

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