The Trtl Travel Pillow Is Currently 25 Percent Off

Hopping on a plane to your next adventure or just a visit with the folks? You might as well be comfortable.

The Trtle pillow is the best travel pillow we've ever used. (IStock)

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Sleeping on planes always leaves a crick in my neck. Traditional doughnut-shaped travel pillows are an improvement on leaning my head against the hard window, but not by much. Plus, they’re too big to fit in my luggage, and nothing says tourist like a brightly colored foam doughnut swinging from the outside of my daypack.

That’s why the Trtl pillow ($30) is a game changer. It’s kind of like a neck-stabilizing plastic C-collar for accident victims, except swaddled in a fleece scarf. Prop it between your jaw and your shoulder, wrap the scarf around your neck, and Velcro it in place. Your head can fall to the side and still be comfortably supported. It weighs less than a third of a pound, is small enough to fit in your luggage, and is far more comfortable than anything else I’ve tried. Plus, it’s currently 25 percent off on Amazon.

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