The Best Bike Multitools, According to Bikers

They pack down small and could save you one day

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This week, we scanned Amazon’s bestseller list for the best bike multitools, then pulled the best, most authoritative reviews for each.

Crank Brothers M-19 Multi Bicycle Tool ($25)

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“Really glad I picked up this multitool. It’s already helped me with my cleats and plan on using it for my headset when the new one comes in and bleeding those brakes. It feels great in the hands and super maneuverable. Pulling each tool out is a little tight but you can loosen it up if you need to, but personally, the tighter it is the more sturdy it will be, of course.”

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Topeak Alien II ($27)

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This multitool is a tad bulky, but I won’t fault it for that. It’s a pretty complete multitool, with everything you need to make adjustments or repairs on the road, provided your bike has quick-release wheels. It fits in an average under-seat bag with a CO2 inflator, cartridge, and extra tube just fine. It even has the proper wrench sizes to install and adjust my fenders if and when I need them.”

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Crank Brothers M-17 Multi Bicycle Tool ($28)

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“I debated for days on what kind of tool set I should get for minor bicycle repairs and adjustments. I wanted something that was both small enough to carry, yet sturdy enough to count on when needed. The M-17 multitool certainly fit the bill. This thing is solid; that’s the first thing I noticed when I picked it up. The heavy-duty rubber holder keeps all the tools compressed together in one nice, neat package. Nothing rattles and there aren’t any sharp ends that can damage anything else loose in my bag.”

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Topeak Mini 9 Bike Tool ($17)

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“This is hands down the best multitool I own. I have a couple of other ones but they’re too bulky and heavy for my rides. However, this one is extremely light and stronger than the others. It may not have a million parts but this has all the basic tools you need as a cyclist. It hardly takes up any space and barely adds any weight to my bike ride. My only complaint is that the 8-mm Allen adapter is slightly loose, so make sure you don’t lose that.”

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Pro Bike Bike Multi-Tool ($22)

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“After 15 years of riding, this bike tool is the best road tool that I’ve ever owned. The Pro Bike Tool is perfect for quick on-the-road fixes. It’s very slim and fits perfectly in my saddle bag. My seatpost slipped a few days ago and that’s a large nut to tighten. This baby did it with no strain. It’s $20 and you get what you pay for. The price is right. I’m buying another one for my other bike. There is no chain tool; that would change the thinness that I love.”

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