Johanna Flashman

Johanna Flashman

Johanna Flashman is a freelance writer. She enjoys traveling, climbing, and learning new things. Her work has appeared in publications including Outside and Climbing


The Stuff You Need to Trick-or-Treat as a Grown-Up

Warm layers for cool fall nights, mugs for (spiked) cider, comfy shoes for tired feet, and lights for navigating the neighborhood. Stay cozy with these items while the kids collect their candy this Halloween.

Johanna Flashman
Oct 17, 2019

Stock Up for Ski Season with This Sweet Winter Gear

Brace yourselves. Winter is coming, and you'll need the right gear when the snow hits the ski hill. Thankfully, the folks at Backcountry have us covered with their Winter Clearance Sale, now through 10/9.

Johanna Flashman
Oct 4, 2019

The Gear You Bought the Most of This Summer

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean you have to put your gear away. We pulled some numbers, and these were the products you were most stoked about.

Johanna Flashman
Sep 18, 2019

You Can Score on Back-To-School Deals as an Adult

There's a lot of back-to-school promotions going on right now—and that doesn't mean you have to be a student to take advantage of sweet, discounted gear. Here are our favorites.

Johanna Flashman
Aug 29, 2019