Madeleine LaPlante-Dube

Madeleine LaPlante-Dube

Madeleine is an Assistant Audience Engagement Editor at Outside. She was previously a production fellow and Outside’s Digital Media Producer. Outside of work hours, she occasionally climbs rocks and often hikes with her border collie mutt, Beep.


The Soul of Pond Hockey Is in Minnesota

Forget stadiums and manicured ice—the humble roots of hockey belong to frozen backyard ponds. From beer leagues to ex-pros, hockey players from across the country head to the Midwest every year for...

Madeleine LaPlante-Dube
Jan 25, 2020

A Journey on Canada's Most Scenic Byway

The Sea to Sky Highway is good for a morning trip. But if you want to really experience the magic, we recommend you stay for a day—or two.

Madeleine LaPlante-Dube
Nov 14, 2019

Peloton Filed for an IPO

The fitness media company is already for the people. Now it wants to be by the people, too.

Madeleine LaPlante-Dube
Jun 6, 2019

The Gore R3 Tights Won't Take Your Excuses

Gore says they're good for cross-country skiing and running, but I also wear them hiking and as camping pajamas and once used them during a blizzard in knee-high powder while snowshoeing.

Madeleine LaPlante-Dube
Apr 3, 2019