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'Ducky Goes Up' Is an Entirely Different Outdoor Film

The new Kickstarter film is aimed at getting more people with Down syndrome outside

We at 'Outside' would like to see 'Ducky Goes Up' get made. If you agree, please join us in supporting it on its Kickstarter page. (Photo: Julie Ellison)
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Last summer, we wrote about a remarkable young man, Andrew “Bob” Harris, who became the first person with Down syndrome to climb the Grand Teton. The impressive feat was made possible by Bob’s sister, Amy, and brother-in-law, Max. Max is a professional skier and mountain guide, while Amy is a cardiac ICU nurse.

Bob, whose nickname is Ducky, lives with Max and Amy, who, in addition to being stellar human beings, are also exceptionally good role models for Bob. They’re a super active family—Bob loves to run and climb and pretty much do anything outside—that focuses on eating well and generally living a healthy lifestyle.

But making the right choices isn’t easy, of course. Especially for Bob, who is more easily influenced than most by advertising that promotes unhealthy foods. And while there is no shortage of awesome outdoorsy movies that inspire people to make better choices, there isn’t really one specifically crafted to educate and entertain viewers with Down syndrome. So Max has decided to make one.

(Photo: Julie Ellison)

The movie, Ducky Goes Up, will showcase Bob’s Grand Teton climb but aims to tell a broader message, showing “how mentally and physically capable people with Down syndrome are,” and the benefits of choosing “the good stuff in life.” There will be costumes and songs, and it will be fun and funny. Or, as Max puts it, “this is a movie for Bob and his friends with Down syndrome.”

Here at Outside, we think this film is a great idea, and we’re committed to supporting the project as a media partner. Two of our key values and editorial priorities are to reach new audiences and make the outdoors a more inclusive place. This film will do both. If you agree with us, and would like to see Ducky Goes Up get made, please join us in supporting it on its Kickstarter page. The project is all or nothing, and will only be funded if it reaches its goal by November 9.

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Lead Photo: Julie Ellison
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